More More New Arrivals!

I’m still absorbing all my new music from Record Store Excursion 2012, but here we go again!

Martin Popoff & Ioannis – Fade To Black

Look at the size of that thing!


Aerosmith – Music From Another Dimension!

I don’t always go to Walmart.  But when I do, I buy music.

Blue Rodeo – 1987-1993

Listened to the whole thing once now, hope to review it.


Deep Purple – Machine Head 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

4 of the 5 discs are Machine Head.  That’s a lot of Machine Head for one sitting, so I’m listening to it in spurts.



  1. What are your hopes/fears for the Aerosmith? I mean, they’ve been pretty weak for quite a long time (in my opinion)…

    That book is lovely indeed. I trust Popoff to do it up right.

    Definitely wanna know your thoughts on the BR box.


    1. Hopes: That it will impress me the way that Nine Lives did, an album I like a lot.

      Fears: That it will be Just Another Aerosmith Album, same old same old Get A Grip heard it all songs. Judging by the early singles, I’ll say fears are overwhelming.


        1. Yeah, at the peak of hostilities Perry said they were auditioning singers. I know they called Myles Kennedy.

          I know this is gonna sound sacrilegious, but I would have been curious what an Aerosmith fronted by Lenny Kravitz would have sounded like. Funkier I’ll bet.


        2. Hard to imagine the band with any other singer. It was probably just a ploy to get them to work their shit out.

          Lenny? I don’t know how you’d tell what he sounded like. He’d probably just lip-sync his way through it, the rat-bastard.


        3. LOL!

          And yeah it was all a ploy. And they also made a lot of publicity with statements like that. That was around the time that Tyler made the deal to go on American Idol.


        4. See? I don’t even know the stories and I can guess what happened. These people are so obvious, man. It’s formulaic. How many bands went/go through this same shit? TONS. Really should just see every step coming.


      1. I second Mike’s hopes and fears. I think if it’s as good as Nine Lives then that’s as good as can be hoped. Anyone who think Jack Douglas is going to magically conjure up the magic of the 70s is likely to be disappointed from what I’m hearing. But I’ve heard a few tracks from and it and I’m a little intrigued… but I might still wait on Mike’s review!


        1. Listening right now. I mean like pretty much every Aero album since Pump it has filler…but it has the Aero funk and Aero swagger. It’s well recorded enough. I’m not sure if these songs are particularly great songs, but I’ll let you know as I listen!

          Easiest comparison: Get A Grip.


        2. I will say this: Don’t expect anything that doesn’t sound like Aerosmith you already own. It’s well executed and they’ve cut back on production and outside writers, but it’s basically any Aero-album since Permanent Vacation.


  2. The fact is I could live with the fact that its a followup to Get a Grip…but man Big Lips and Perry telling the world that it was a cross between Rocks and Toys and the fact that Jack Douglas was back was a big mistake..they just have kept there mouths shut and Let the music do the talking!
    I would have preferred the style that Toys/Rocks/Pump followed…9 rockers in a row and the big ballad to close things out…not the pattern that there following now which is the Get A Grip formula…..that record for the most part I like but I think I will stick with Kiss that’s a rock record and the fact the Paul and company still have enuff gas in the tank to do it was impressive to say the I love the Monster record…


    1. Stick with Kiss Monster Deke (And Van Halen, too). Aerosmith is a “good” album, in that it’s not Just Push Play, it has “good” songs on it…all basically repeats from the past. Sad.

      I love Monster too. Just got the Japanese as you are aware :)


  3. You guys keep talking about Monster. Is it really THAT good? Or are you just so happy that there’s finally a new KISS record, and you’re in love because it’s new? What I’ve heard, I’ve liked. I should probably just go buy the friggin’ thing.


    1. It’s really that good, if you love Kiss. It’s really the Kiss album they should have been making for the last 30 years. Gene’s particularly awesome on it, as a character and as a bass player.


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