VIDEO BLOG! Part 137: M.E.A.T

Anybody else remember Drew Masters and M.E.A.T Magazine?



  1. I subscribed to MEAT,it was a great Canadian read.
    I still think the Oct 91 interview with Guns was one of the best interviews along with the following months Nov 91 with Halen on the cover.
    Thanks to Drew Masters I bought Slik Toxick ,Gyspy Rose and a few others,always looked forward to it coming in the mail here……in good ol Tbay …


    1. Good on you Deke! I was hoping someone would remember it (unlike Aaron)! And yes the GN’R was the best thing they’ve done. That was the issue that earned them big-time respect in a lot of books.

      How is Gypsy Rose? Of all the albums, that is one I never got!


  2. OK, that was awesome. What a GREAT video blog! OVERSIGHT!!! That’s fast becoming one of my favourite parts. ;)

    But also not so awesome. I do not remember M.E.A.T. magazine. At all. I mean, I spent most of my time in record stores. I never saw these. Suppose I wasn’t really looking for them. But I would have read those, for sure. They look great! Welp, there goes all the rest of my cred (along with never having heard Iron Maiden’s full albums until Mike began his series here in 2012). Hoooooo….


  3. Haha this was great. I think you should do a series based around OVERSIGHT! The unfortunately named MEAT magazine never made it over here as far as I’m aware. That final guitar chord shook the earth BTW! And that was a good Metal face you pulled for it too. Nice work! \m/

    Kudos to Kathryn for the catchy theme tune too. Keep meaning to mention that.


    1. Thanks man!

      The magazine never went over there. It was distributed on a volunteer basis and subscriptions. Having said that there was some juicy, juicy info in here (such as, the real way that David Lee Roth quit VH according to Alex Van Halen) and I do plan on sharing more.


  4. Thank you Heavy Metal Overload! Incidentally, all you metal fans should read “Running with the Devil” by Robert Walser….a great academic read about metal music. Thoroughly enjoying it so far.


    1. You’re welcome Kathryn! And I especially enjoyed “Evil Kirk” too! :)

      I’ve been meaning to get that book for years. I really loved Deena Weinstein’s “Heavy Metal :The Music and Culture” which is a similar kind of thing. Really in-depth, great stuff.


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