Part 139: VIDEO BLOG! Billion Dollar Baby (by Bob Greene)

RECORD STORE TALES PART 139:  Billion Dollar Baby

Watch the vid for details on the book and where I got ‘er!



        1. There’s one more video coming still, where I shot the whole thing outdoors. I struggled a bit with the sound but but it’s OK. As you say I can cheat my way around by dubbing when I have to.

          Still, winter is coming, and you KNOW I am going to have to show the world what Canadian Winter is all about. Expect more outdoor shoots.


  1. Mike, I’m right in the middle of reading this book, and I definitely have to find one to buy, regardless of the price. i’m reading an inter-library loan book, so have to send it back, but I will find one for myself one day, for sure! It’s a must-have for my collection. Just went to see Alice (again!) two weeks ago, and he just gets better all the time!


    1. I have no doubt of that! I’m sure his covers album will be one of the few that I actually like.

      Hope you can find this book at a reasonable price like I did. Always check garage sales! I have no idea what dealers are asking for used copies today, but I’m sure it’s too much.


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