VIDEO BLOG: Rock The Nation

Join LeBrain as he searches for more rarities….





  1. Wow, the Grand is very… picturesque… this time of year! haha. Well done, though. It’s good for you to get out of the house, get a little of that good ol’ vitamin D. I like the On Location video posts. MORE!

    I’ll do what I can to help you find this item, Dude. Lemme do some diggin’.


    1. I want to shoot down there again this winter when the snow falls. That might look really good. We can talk about the time Tom’s car was frozen and he thought he had to sleep in the record store.


    1. No snow yet! I’ll be taking video once we get it though, you can count on that. Perhaps a nice video of me shoveling snow out of my driveway? It would be relevant to the Record Store Tales, as I’ve been saving a snow-related tale for such an event.


        1. Haha I want in on the fun! I’ll do one from here too. If we get what they’re calling for, it could be a snow pile here, man! First year we lived here, I could not throw the snow over the pile in front of the house, it was too high. And I go about 6’1″ tall. Yeah man, we can get some SNOW here, right on the water as we are. Woo! Last couple of years have been too mild, but they’re saying this year could indeed be another fun one.

          We could even get THIS again:


        2. We don’t get anything like that. You probably wouldn’t even call what we get “snow”. It’s interesting that you get snow that deep and life carries on but when we get a relatively light snow shower everything grinds to a halt!


        3. Man, I wish I still lived in Saskatoon. THEN we could bitch about the weather. This Ontario crap, sure we get a lot of snow, but -20C? Buncha pussies. I remember -56C with windchill on top, making it -63C. For FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT. -20C my entire ass.


  2. Hey HMO, speaking of the weather terrifying you folks over there…

    I remember being in Oxford after Christmas, and needing to get the shuttle bus over to Gatwick for my flight home. It was about 4 a.m., I was the only one on the bus.

    Driver: “We can’t go.”

    Me: “Why? I have a flight to catch, get a move on.”

    Driver: “No, it’s snowing.”

    I look out the window. One flake comes down. Twenty seconds passes. Another flake falls. I look at the guy.

    Me: “Are you serious? Do you realize I am a CANADIAN? I will TELL YOU when it is snowing. This is not snow. That’s a sneeze. Get this jalopy moving!”

    We went, and we were fine. But he drove half the posted speed limit, bitched the whole time about not having snow tires and not wanting to do the drive.

    Give me a bloody break.


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