MOVEMBER: Top Five Canadian moustaches of Rock!

Idea stolen from Every Record, with a Canadian twist:

For MOVEMBER, the top five Canadian moustaches of rock!  (I didn’t use John Albini from Lee Aaron’s band since Every Record did.)

5. Neil Peart (Rush)

4. Gordon Lightfoot

3. Dave Myles & Pye Dubois (Max Webster)

2. Burton Cummings

1. Pretty much all of Helix

(moustaches l-r: Mike Uzelac, Brian Vollmer, Paul Hackman)



  1. I rocked a goat for a while but it was itchy as hell. Brutal. Plus, my wife wouldn’t kiss me, so it got shaved off post haste.

    All hail all our brothers rocking the stache for Movember. A good cause if there ever was one.

    Cool post, Dude. I’ll bet Peart winces seeing those old pics of himself, eh?


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