Ignored Albums of the 1990’s: I liked ’em them…LeBrain’s List Part 6

Thanks for checking out my 88 underrated albums from the 1990’s that I believe deserved a second look.  There were a few albums that, had I written that series of articles in the 1990’s, would have made the list.  Today, they just don’t cut it.

Here’s a selection of albums that I felt were under-appreciated at that time.   Today, these very rarely get any play in my house.  The shine obviously wore off the apple.

Once again, this is alphabetical.

BIG WRECK – In Loving Memory Of…  (T-Rev teased me about it…it’s half decent, but only half)
BUSH – The Science of Things (good song: “The Chemicals Between Us”)
JERRY CANTRELL – Boggy Depot (Alice In Lite Chains)
CINDERELLA – Still Climbing (Never even upgraded to CD from cassette)
ALICE COOPER – A Fistful of Alice (Dunno…never play this anymore!  Good song: “Is Anyone Home?”)
EDWIN – Another Spin Around The Sun (Good song:  “Alive”. The rest? Suckiness.)
GEEZER – Black Science (only decent, certainly not great)
IOMMI – Iommi (too modern sounding, has some great tracks, but not enough)
MEGADETH – Cryptic Writings (T-Rev and I were into this big time! I can’t play it anymore)
METHODS OF MAYHEM – Methods of Mayhem (I fucking bought this one!)

MR. BIG – Hey Man (“Take Cover” is a good song…the rest I can barely remember)
ALDO NOVA – Blood On The Bricks (I’ll review this at a later date, just doesn’t cut it anymore)
NUNO (Bettencourt) – Schizophonic (One customer will never forgive me for recommending this)
SCORPIONS – Pure Instinct (pure lite-rock)
TWO – Voyeurs (sorry Rob, this just wasn’t a good idea)
STEVE VAI – Fire Garden (perhaps it’s just too dense for me)
VAN HALEN – 3 (no comment…)
VARGA – Prototype (I was trying to get into industrial metal. I grew out of it!)
VICTOR – Victor (Bought because it was Alex Lifeson, therefore my civic duty)


  1. Well I found the Cinderella album quite good actually,the climate it came out in was aweful for those guys,but I thought it was a good followup to Heartbreak Station….good kick ass album that I feel still stands up today……
    Nuno I actually liked just for the fact that it sounds like demos and was opposite to what Extreme was doing,many different styles esp the Note on the Screen Door,Gravity,Swollen Princess,I just like the rawness of it….
    Lifeson record,u called it ..civic duty….had to buy it….just cuz…..


  2. The Cinderella album is just good ol plain hard rock,really no cheese,I would say that one and Heartbreak are my two favs of there’s as opposed to the first two that sold a lot more…


    1. Heartbreak is a very underrated disc. I saw them on that tour. Actually if you dig back, I reviewed the Japanese live EP they did from that tour.

      My fave will always be Long Cold Winter though, I think it’s just an all around great CD. From the cover art down I found it to be really classy.


  3. I’m finding it hard to think of any I liked then and don’t now. The Motley Crue albums springs to mind. I really liked it but I just never really put it on anymore. Oh, and the “Skin” album (the band Bruce Dickinson worked with), I loved that for ages but now I don’t get much out of it. I even bought a reissue of it this year and then wondered why I had bothered. It’s just too dated now.


  4. Don’t have much to say about this list, since I’ve either never heard most of those albums or I don’t think much of them, but the last time I listened to the Victor album a few years ago I thought it held up extremely well. The key is to not listen to it after playing Rush, and it helps to not even be thinking about Rush when playing it. It’s just a cool, quirky album that defies description.


    1. Defies description is true. I find a couple tracks on there that I love (the Dalbello song, one of the Edwin songs) but otherwise not too much keeps me coming back. Having said that I can’t deny the creativity involved.


  5. WHAAAT!!!

    But a Fistful of Alice is excellent. Raise the Dead might have a better tracklist but Alice’s voice on Fistful is the best it’s ever been


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