Part 142: VIDEO BLOG! Quest For Bill Ward

RECORD STORE TALES PART 142:  Quest For Bill Ward

Full review of this CD coming soon…


  1. 1 Buck! That’s a steal right there. I’ve never seen that CD anywhere.

    Coupla observations… Canadian trains are much cooler that Scottish ones (well modern ones anyway) and still no snow? Where’s the snow videos!?


        1. Oh man, that’s just getting started. When we get a REAL snowfall, I will send a picture then. This was just a prelude.

          Crashing to a halt? I say suck it up, buttercup! hahaha


        2. Not here. If it’s snowing badly, the train is your only way in or out. I remember a Christmas in the late 70’s, picking up my uncle at the train station because he couldn’t drive into town. It was a serious blizzard and the train even ran late, but it came. Saved Christmas, it did.


  2. I love the video blogs! Bring on the review, man.

    I have to assume that the next video Mike makes will have lots of snow in it. We’ve got about 6″ of the beautiful stuff on the ground here.


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