Part 151: 24kt KISS…cheap at twice the price


24kt KISS…cheap at twice the price

Spring, 1998.  Saturday.  A rare day off.

I was out with a friend named Shannon.  Me being the geek that I am, I thought it would be a good idea to take Shannon to a comic book store.  So I did.  Off we went to uptown Waterloo, to my favourite comic book store in the whole universe, Carry On Books.

The owner, Andy, warmly welcomed us and immediately started trying to sell me some Star Trek goods.  I said, “Not today, Andy.  Do you have anything Kiss?”

He did.  He had this Kiss 24kt gold-plated framed Destroyer CD.  It was $250.  But he was willing to sell it to me for $200 if I paid cash.


Sure, why not.  Sold.

Shannon and I ran down to the cash machine, and I eagerly inserted my card.  Selected the dollar amount.  Waited.  And waited.  And waited.  The machine spat out my card, and a statement saying I’d taken the money out.  But no money emerged from the machine!

I stood there for a moment before saying, “Shannon, is it just me, or did no money come out?”

I was ripped off by a cash machine!

I repeated the transaction, this time getting the money, but my bank account was lighter by twice the amount!


I went back to Andy’s store, told him the tale, bought the Kiss plaque, and went into the bank to get my missing money back.  Turns out I would have to wait for them to cash out that night and see if they balanced.  And I wasn’t going to be in town!  I was headed to the cottage later that day.  I had to wait the weekend through before finding out the fate of my hard-earned dollars.

Thankfully, when I called the bank on the Monday, they had found an overage and refunded my money.  But for that entire weekend, I had worried that I paid $400 for this Kiss plaque!

CODA:  And today, the plaque is still worth…just $200 on eBay.  Oh well.  An investment, it wasn’t.  But it does look cool on my wall.  Thankfully I also kept the box, these things are often only worth their full value with the box intact.


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