Most Anticipated New Releases of 2013 (?)

I was having an offline discussion with the mighty Heavy Metal OverloRd and The CD Whisperer about the albums we’re most excited about in 2013.

It’s easy to think back just one year and remember how we couldn’t wait to see if the new Van Halen would be a triumph or disaster.  Now it’s the end of the year once again, and as long as the world doesn’t end on December 21, there are some cool releases lined up for the new year.

What are you most excited for?  Is there something in particular that you KNOW you’ll be buying before you hear a single note?

I have five must-buys in 2013.  Here’s my list.



This could end up being a total disaster.  Replacing a beloved (albeit knife-weilding) original frontman with a relative unknown is a huge risk.  Kudos to the band for trying, I’ll play along.  The key will be to walk a fine line between avoiding a retread of the past, and reminding fans how good they used to be.  Not an easy task.  Will Todd La Torre be up for it?  Time will tell.



Nikki has said the band is writing music to follow the lacklustre single “Sex”.  They’ve got tour dates with Kiss lined up in the new year.  I’ll admit I’m actually not that excited about a new Motley release, but I have been faithfully following this band through ups and downs through their entire career.  I even bought New Tattoo!


3. VOIVOD – Target Earth

This one has a confirmed release date of January 22.  Although some may say that the idea of a new Voivod album without the late guitarist Piggy is sacrilege, life goes on.  This is the first album in over two decades with Blackie on bass.  From what I’ve heard of the first single, “Kluskap O’Kom”, it does sound like Voivod.  I’ll be supporting the boys in 2013, count on reading my review in the new year.

Sabbath Logo


Some might say that the idea of an “original” Sabbath album without Bill Ward is sacrilege!  Hell, I might be one of them!  But I love this band, and I have to have faith that the combined might of Sabbath plus Rick Rubin will produce something worthwhile.  Will “Scary Dreams” be on there?  I sure hope so.  First album with Tommy Clufetos on drums, a much more metronomic drummer, so I wonder if Sabbath can capture that loose vibe of the precious first 8.



Confirmed for an April 26 release.  Confirmed that Bob Ezrin is producing.  Confirmed song titles:  “Out Of Hand,” “Hell To Pay,” “Weirdistan,” “Uncommon Man” and “Above and Beyond.”  “Above and Beyond” is a tribute to late organist Jon Lord, who passed away far too soon.  “Weirdistan”?  I love it.  That title can only come from Ian Gillan.  Astoundingly this is the fifth album with Steve Morse and third with Don Airey.  And some said they’d never last without Blackmore!  I will most definitely be pre-ordering whatever cool editions the band has lined up.

What are you psyched about in the new year?  I want to hear from you.


  1. I’m excited about another Alice in Chains and the new Ghost (wondering if they can conquer the difficult second album). I’m also going to throw in the new Darkthrone (their albums are always an event) and the reunion album from Carcass. I can’t believe they are recording again. That one could really go either way…


        1. I don’t know, I really don’t think so. I think McCartney was the only one who used the word “Nirvana” regarding that reunion thing.

          I imagine the other guys just see it as jamming. After three guys played together on the last Foo albums and nobody called it Nirvana.


  2. I think the Sabbath album may be interesting especially if Rubin can do for them what he did for ZZ Top.
    Other than that I don’t know what else I’m pumped up about cuz 2012 there were some fantastic releases….


    1. I definitely want to see it!

      I think I need to get this ZZ Top album. That’s both you and Every Record who has mentioned this. I haven’t bought a “new” ZZ Top album since ELIMINATOR.


  3. I haven’t paid much attention to what’s coming… I prefer surprises!

    I do knw that Rollins has been teasing us with a new book for a long while. Maybe that’ll come out soon.

    And Robert Pollard will probably put out ten more discs, with GBV, as solo, or whatever pleases him. That’s always exciting!


  4. I have a list of bands to look out for in 2013 – look out for it after Christmas…
    Interesting about the Sabbath album – one of the things I like about early Sabbath is the drumming – I think they will miss it more than they think…


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