Part 161: The Woman Who Got Her Bike Stoled

RECORD STORE TALES Part 161: The Woman Who Got Her Bike Stoled

The date:  July 15, 2005

The location:  My store

Straight from my journal, here’s the tale.

One weird thing happened today.  This strange woman came in to sell CDs, but left her bike outside unlocked, and it had been stolen.  Now, instead of blaming it on the lack of a lock on her bike, she decided to blame the lack of surveillance cameras outside.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t know any CD store that has cameras OUTSIDE.  But apparently that’s “dumb”.

She came back later in the day, telling me that she ran into two guys drinking beers in the woods. She had a beer with them.  She came back into the store saying “Now I have a ‘cheap’ buzz on.”

Now I’m wondering, does she mean “cheap” as in “free”? Or did these two mysterious woodsmen charge her for the beer? The mind reels.

My journal does not say if the woman ever found the bicycle or not.  Typical day on the shady side of town!


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