Part 181: Jim Carrey’s Clone

Cable Guy Blu Ray

RECORD STORE TALES Part 181:  Jim Carrey’s Clone

The date:  June 21, 2004

The location:  My store

The characters:  Me, a guy who looked like Jim Carrey, and his buddy

Taken straight from my journal, here’s the story:

What, is today Stupid Person Day?

This last guy that was just in, I can’t tell if he was for real, or if he was Jim Carrey. Is Jim Carrey tall? Could have been him. This guy was Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy:  Same hair, same voice, same mannerisms.

He tried to sell me a Rush CD that had obviously been used as an air hockey puck. And he didn’t understand why I wasn’t going to buy his ruined CD. “You didn’t advertise that you wouldn’t take it scratched!” Well, no, because that much should be obvious.

Jim Carrey left with his buddy, remarking that it was so cold his “balls were frozen”. Yeah! You go, Jim!

I really hope it was just Jim Carrey playing a character for fun, because nobody should be this lame!


Part 182:  Where the hell do you put 10,000 discs?


One comment

  1. Why on Earth would you use a Rush CD for an air hockey puck? They’re far too precious for that!! I doubt it was actually Carrey – that guy makes so much money, he’d just send one of his ‘people’ to go buy him a replacement. At least, that’s what I would do, if I had ‘people.’

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