REVIEW: Def Leppard – “Hysteria 2013” (iTunes single)


DEF LEPPARD – “Hysteria (2013 re-recorded version)” (iTunes single)

Just in time for their Viva! Hysteria & More tenure in Vegas, comes another re-recorded “forgery” (Joe’s words).  This one is really good.  It takes a bit to figure out which version it is, in fact.  Musically, you can barely hear any differences, although the production sounds slightly less shimmery and saturated.  A few guitar parts (probably Vivian) sound mildly different.  Vocally, you can slightly tell it’s not the same version, but what’s incredible is how much Joe Elliott 2013 sounds like Joe Elliott 1987.  I read that Joe spent a lot of time getting his voice into that shape again.

“Hysteria” has long been one of my favourite Def Leppard songs, probably since I first heard it.  I think it’s an incredible song, one of the best from this commercial phase of Def Leppard’s career.  Time stands still when I hear it.  An original version is always going to mean more to the real fan.  That’s just the way it is, that’s psychology.  These forgeries were designed so Leppard could sell their music on iTunes on their own terms (ie; make more money than the label was offering them).  It’s business — I have no problem with it.  For $1.29, I have an alternate version of this track.  I didn’t have to, I wasn’t tricked into it, and the song is clearly labelled as a 2013 re-recording.

Necessary for those who “have to own it all”, or those who want a quick easy cheap way of getting a studio version of the song online (like, say people downloading it for a wedding).  This will be of little value to anyone else.

4/5 stars


  1. Also, I couldn’t bring this song to mind so I hit the youtubes trying to find out why a song called Hysteria could possibly be a wedding song. I mean, by title alone, it wouldn’t seem appropriate… And… well, sure, If that’s what the kids are playing at weddings, let ’em. ;) And kudos to DL for having their “sound” down pat. I mean, I heard that and it made me think of about ten other of their songs!


  2. It’s funny because in Joe’s side projects and other things he guest covers on he sounds amazing and gives a lot more effort than say a new Def Leppard track. Hear his cover of Reign O’er me? That was great. The Down n outz stuff is good too. I’m glad we are seeing him push a bit more even if it is just for forgeries of their old works atm, they are working on new material. Yes I know they did everything they could to make it sound like the original including autotuning the crap out of stuff like you can tell in their re-record of Rock of Ages, but the original voice is done great too.


    1. I have NOT heard his cover of Reign O’er Me actually…I will have to check that out. I’m sure Joe has had to do a lot of work vocally to prepare for these Vegas shows. I’m curious how this revisiting of the old material will effect the next album too.


  3. Just read that Leppard opened there Vegas residency with Good Morning Freedom,they must be reading your blogs Mike….


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