VIDEO REVIEW: Blackberry Z10 smartphone

BlackBerry Z10

5/5 stars

Music by Kathryn Ladano, Dave Dubowski


  1. Ah, people and their cell phones. At least you acknowledged that it is just a tool. I know several people who struggle to converse with actual humans anymore – their nose is buried in their phone. Sad. Don’t let LeBrain become like that. Remember to go play outside, Dude!

    We got smart phones for the first time before Christmas. I’d never had one before. And you know, it’s OK. We text back and forth, riveting stuff like “I’m gonna be late home from work,” or “want me to pick up milk?” Fascinating. I use mine as a camera more than anything, for the HAAP blog. But I don’t download applications for it (I hate the adoption of the word “app.” How lazy are people, really?). I don’t have any time invested in it. I did make it play the Indiana Jones theme when I get a text, though. That’s fun.

    Anyway. Glad you like the phone. Just don’t let it take over your life.


  2. Say “application” enough times in one review, and you’ll understand why people listen to CDs instead of compact discs, and buy computers with lots of megs instead of megabytes!


        1. Haha yes. I called ahead to the retail store on my cellular telephone and drove there in my automobile to purchase it with legal tender dollars.

          I don’t know why the word “app” boths me so much. I just think it makes people sound like gum-chewing, hair-twirling goofs. App. App app app app app. Now it sounds like Mars Attacks…


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