REVIEW: Deep Purple – “All the Time in the World” (2013 CD single)

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All the time

DEEP PURPLE – “All the Time in the World” (2013 Edel single)

I tried to order this single from the Deep Purple Appreciation Society.   I was order #31.  But then Edel only hooked them up with 10 copies!  I had to order this from Amazon instead, paying $23 plus shipping.  I’m not happy about that, but it’s Deep Purple and I am a completist with this band.

I’m really fond of “All the Time in the World”.  It reminds me of the laid back Purple from Bananas.  The classy keys from Don Airey seal the deal for me, but how about that Steve Morse solo?  Fantastic!  Thankfully, the sonic qualities of compact disc bring out all the richness of Bob Ezrin’s production, lacking in the crappy Youtube videos available.  It might not sound like the Deep Purple of 1970, but that was a long time ago now.  It does sound like a rock band staying classy well into their silver years.  I don’t hear any compromise nor contrivances here.   This is a both a radio remix and an edit, so expect the album version to differ.

“Hell to Pay” is a more traditional Deep Purple hard rocker, but with a shout-along chorus.  You don’t hear shout-alongs too often in Deep Purple, as strange as that may seem, so this is new territory in a sense!  The highlights of this song are the solos by Steve and Don.  I had to play it again to bask in its awesomeness.  There are echos of “Highway Star” at times.

You’ll notice Ezrin gets a writing credit on each track (as does each Purple member).  This is indicative of both the collaborative nature of Deep Purple, and Ezrin’s usual musical input.

There are two live tracks, but I unfortunately already have these!  They are “Perfect Strangers” and “Rapture of the Deep” from the London Hard Rock Cafe in 2005.  They were previously released (and previously reviewed) with the special edition of Rapture of the Deep.  This is disappointing, I was hoping for unreleased live versions.  Regardless, they’re great versions, particular “Rapture” which is perhaps better than the album version.

Now What?! is out tomorrow, April 26.

4/5 stars (for the music, not Amazon’s price)



  1. seems like those links to youtube don’t work anymore.. lately every time I post new Megadeth or Black Sabbath song it also disappear :( …
    would be nice to see someday soon your Megadeth new album review… and Black Sabbath. probably not so soon…
    anyway.. I am looking forward to see Deep Purple this summer in Kavarna in Bulgaria at Kavarna Rock Fest 2013


    1. I have noticed that too. As if the record company or someone else changed their minds and didn’t want the song out.

      Thanks for the suggestions! I have not ordered the Megadeth yet but I do have the Sabbath on order.


  2. So your 4/5 is for the music but how would you rate it as a purchase? It seems a bit disappointing. I thought those were going to be unreleased live versions for sure. Still, it’s worth it to keep up the complete collection!


    1. Yeah exactly. I think the $23 price tag was probably jacked up by Amazon, because of the product shortages. I don’t blame them for that price. So the 4/5 is strictly for music.


    1. Still need two things!

      1. Japanese import of the Montreaux 2006 CD ($101 on Amazon)
      2. Pavarotti and Friends — don’t know which one, but one of the rare ones has Deep Purple doing Smoke on the Water.


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