REVIEW: Ratt – Ratt (EP)

Here’s the first review from the The Toronto Musical Collectibles Record & CD Sale! I promised I’d show you more of the stuff I scored. Here’s one!

RATT – Ratt (1984 remixed EP, Time Coast)

My understanding is that this EP, much like Twisted Sister’s Under the Blade, was remixed and re-released.  It is the remixed version that I got in Mississauga at the Toronto Musical Collectibles Record Show.  I’ve wanted this EP for a long time, but for some reason it’s only now that I finally picked it up.  I was pleased to find it an enjoyable listen, easily on a par with Out of the Cellar, possibly Ratt’s best album.

Europe got 7 tracks on their version of the original mix (wishlist!), but this remixed version only has six.  Missing is “You’re In Trouble” which in re-recorded version was also on Out of the Cellar.  6 songs is a good length, too much Ratt can sound like razorblades coming at your ears, some times!  This self-titled debut keeps things brief, each of its songs more or less delivering the goods.

RATT LABELThe opener “Sweet Cheater” and “U Got It” are the faster side of Ratt.  I love Bobby “Da Blotz” Blotzer’s simple but gleeful drum intro.  (Can’t believe this guy was in Tateryche.)  Both songs have decent riffs, once again keeping things simple.  Pearcy’s trademark vocal snark is in fine form.  Ratt are not a great rock n’ roll band, but they certainly satisfy my cravings when I need some spandex-wrapped non-wimpy LA hard rock.  No ballads.  They had their own sound, largely due to Pearcy’s one-of-a-kind voice.

The closest thing to a ballad would be “Back For More”, which is to say, it has some acoustic guitars before Pearcy yelps, “You turn him away, you tell him you’re mine, You make him believe you’re but one of a kind.”  Meaningless but cocky.  Which maybe sums up the whole Ratt experience.  This is an early version of the hit song from Out of the Cellar, a bit longer, needing some of the fat trimmed.

“Walkin’ the Dog” is a Rufus Thomas cover via Aerosmith.  Aerosmith were in no danger of being dethroned by Ratt’s version, but it’s fun.  It suits their sound, it’s heavy, they throw their own attitude into it, and I’m sure there were youngsters of the 1980’s who assumed it was their own original tune.  The guitar solo is great.

The best song is the single “You Think You’re Tough”.  If Ratt has two sides (fast, and mid-tempo) then this is the mid-tempo side.  The riff is one of their best, the chorus and bridges are great, and the video had both Ozzy and Motley Crue in it.  Cool.

That’s Tawny Kitaen on the cover.  Pre-Coverdale.  She was dating Robbin Crosby at the time!

4/5 stars

Side A:

  1. “Sweet Cheater”
  2. “You Think You’re Tough”
  3. “U Got It”

Side B:

  1. “Tell the World”
  2. “Back for More”
  3. “Walkin’ the Dog”


  1. Been on a bit of a Ratt kick lately, too. Nothing rare or collectible, just one of those recently released “Classic Album Series” slipcase sets with the first five albums on CD. Some great pop/metal from a crazy era in R-n-R.
    Re: Bobby Blotzer’s involvement with TateRyche…not sure what the particulars are/were of his departure, but I am sure with Blotzer it was “As long as the check clears, it’s all good.” Blotz probably had his eye on a new Jet-Ski!


    1. I don’t think I’ve seen that Classic Album Series. Great way to get five albums though…as a kid, I had Out of the Cellar on vinyl, but I don’t know what I did with it. Must have traded it for something else. Probably an Atari game.


  2. I have the black and white shot of the band on the back. Back in 85 ,Ratt was two weeks into the Invasion tour when they played Duluth Mn. We took a greyhound down to the show ( Mamas Boys were opening) and we got there a few hrs before the show we headed to a rock shop called Last Place On Earth and they had the Ep there so I picked it up on vinyl brought it home and loved it esp the middle section of Back For More how it chills and builds back up well anyways I guess shortly after the success of the first two Ratt albums Atlantic records than released it with the color shot so hey without trying I had a collectible at least in my world!.hahahahaha…..
    Fast forward to 2003 Pearcy and the Ratt Bastards came to Tbay to play a bar so I grabbed the Ratt Ep ,some Arcade and me and a buddy went,I decided to leave the stuff in my buddies truck as I heard that Pearcy can be a dick so I thought no biggie I’ll just leave the stuff outside,Pearcy played was a good show and some dude from the dj booth announced that anyone who had shit to sign to meet him downstairs…my buddy went out grabbed my stuff and I went and met him and let me tell u he was one cool dude,great guy..he laughed out loud when I showed him the Ep and asked how the F** k I got it…he signed the back of it and him and Frankie Willsex signed my Arcade stuff…so after all these yrs ihave held onto it!

    Sorry for the ramble….


    1. Hey Deke love the ramble! So hang on…Pearcy implies there that the EP is rare…do you have the 7 track copy of something?

      New Ratt with Carlos and Juan Crocier back in the band is underway…


  3. Nope just the 6 tracks…the back picture is a black and white shot of the band pre Cellar…
    He was probably more,shocked at the fact that here he was in Tbay on a Tuesday night and someone shows up with the Ep…anyways he signed his John Henry on it and was cool….told him also I loved the debut Arcade as well,he said he enjoyed writing with Vallance and others for that record….


  4. Is the first RATT album (ep) I owned . I liked it a lot. Ok I was seventeen, but I believe that RATT were/are a good rock band. They had above-average songs and a very particular sound. Infestation, the last album is a really good one.


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