GALLERY REDUX: ZZ Top – Eliminator Monogram model kit

This time last year, I dug up my old 1933 Ford ZZ Top deco “Eliminator” Monogram model kit.  I would have assembled this when I was 13 or 14 years old.  It’s been collecting dust for a long time, but I posted some pics with a crappy Nokia cell phone anyway, just because it was a cool find.

This year, I took some new pics, with my new BlackBerry Z10!  I also took the liberty of cleaning it (as much as I dared to).  In the process I snapped off one headlight (an easy fix) and detached part of the body from the chassis, a trickier fix.  Unfortunately some of the chrome pieces did not age too well and show a lot of chrome wear, (on the headlights).

Regardless, the pictures are pretty.  Enjoy.


  1. Cool pix Mike….did the box include the ZZ girls circa 84 as well????!
    That album was and still is a classic…like a lot of others I’m became a ZZ fan that yr and bought the cassette version and what a great bunch of songs . One of my favs is If I Could Only Flag Her Down….solid release wasn’t able to catch them in concert until the Recycler tour of 1990…. Great show opened with Planet Of Woman…..

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    1. Deke, no, the box just had a picture of the car. However I did take that box, cut out the car, and put that inside my locker at highschool.

      Well Deke since you like the album…is this a good time to say “tune in tomorrow for the album”?


    1. To build yourself?

      It was fun, but very nerve wracking, to paint the ZZ TOP logo on the engine. God that was 30 years ago.

      I haven’t finished a model kit in many years. I have a P-38 Lightning at the cottage that is started but has a long way to go. Haven’t touched it in 10 years. I should get some new paint and brushes and give it a go.

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      1. Yeah. Or just to have the car, really. It’s a beautiful car. I’d really like two… I’d do the other up like the I Gotsta Get Paid video.


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