REVIEW: Deep Purple – Come Taste the Band (35th Anniversary edition)

DEEP PURPLE – Come Taste the Band (35th Anniversary edition, 2010 originally 1975, EMI)

For those keeping score, now every single album from the original run of Deep Purple 1968-1976 has been remastered with some sort of deluxe edition. Come Taste The Band is the final album of this series. Deep Purple imploded shortly after and the band was no more until Perfect Strangers in 1983.

Personally I have always liked Come Taste The Band right from first listen. However, I never heard the album until 1996 so the idea of a great Purple album without Richie Blackmore was not foreign to me. With open ears you can really appreciate what Deep Purple were up to on this powerfully rocking album. It has a solid groove, a much harder sound than Stormbringer and some greasy unconventional guitar playing from Tommy Bolin. Everybody is playing amazingly, even the coked-out Glenn Hughes who just rips it to shreds on “Gettin’ Tighter”, my favourite track. Paicey is awesome on said breakneck track.

Really though there are no losers on Come Taste The Band. Every song is incredible right from the opener of the ferocious “Comin’ Home” to the philosophical “You Keep On Movin'”. Another personal favourite is the sliding groover “Dealer”, a tale of warning from David Coverdale to Glenn Hughes about his habit. Bolin takes his first and only studio Deep Purple lead vocal on the bridge.

IMG_00000713As with all previous special editions, the liner notes are excellent, revealing, and loaded with pictures. One fact I didn’t know: The band were going to kick out Hughes if he didn’t kick the coke.

Bonus material is present. The single edit of “You Keep On Movin'” is tacked on to the end of disc one, but this is previously available on such albums as Singles A’s and B’s. The second disc contains the entire album remixed by Kevin Shirley. Shirley is truly a great mixer. It’s hard to discern what he did differently here, except the songs are a bit more punchy. Some now continue on past their original fade points, revealing never before heard playing from the band, right to the end of the song. This was done on previous remasters such as Machine Head and I like this touch a lot.

Two previously unreleased tracks are included. These tracks will be worth the price of purchase alone to Purple collectors. “Same In L.A.” is a nearly complete song with lead vocals and lyrics. If it had been included on the original album, it would easily have been the most pop, it sounds more suited to Stormbringer material. “Bolin Paice Jam” is also unreleased — not even heard before on Days May Come and Days May Go or the limited edition 1420 Beachwood Drive albums. This is a massive, fiery jam capturing the best of both players. Difficult to understand why this was not included on the aforementioned two compilations, but it’s just awesome and I’m glad it’s out.

Once again, Simon Robinson has outdone himself with the final Deep Purple remaster of this series. These albums, while expensive and difficult to obtain (mine took almost two months to ship) are well worth it to the faithful.

5/5 stars


  1. I really love this album and love this deluxe edition too. Simon did a great job on all of those! You were talking about Purple without Blackmore… the first two non-Blackmore Purple albums I heard were this and Purpendicular and I bought them both on the same day! It was quite cool hearing those 2 back to back. And both are brilliant!


    1. That is a pretty cool happenstance man. And I’ll tell you ever since the new DP came out, I have been on a serious Morse kick! What a brilliant brilliant man.

      Glad you enjoyed this album. It’s getting the respect it has deserved for a long time.


  2. As I mentioned in a previous discussion (for the Purple box set), I only have the individual albums as MP3 albums copied from a friend’s CDs (other than Perfect Strangers & Deepest Purple on LP and Knocking At Your Back Door on CD). I will begin looking for these deluxe editions and wherever I can find them at a reasonable price I’ll pick them up. I know you mentioned that there are some bare-bones single-disc versions of these CDs which I probably want to avoid, since I’d like to get bonus tracks where available, as well as liner notes & expanded packaging. How many of these albums are available as expanded single CDs? I think I saw that Burn is available in that format with extra songs, but I have no idea what the packaging is like. Obviously my goal is the most music & best packaging but for a good price. Any tips for me?


    1. Rich I’m glad you asked.

      The first 3 studio albums are available in single disc deluxe editions, in matching packages. You can also get a set with all 3. I previously reviewed the 1969 self titled album if you want to search and see. All these are packed with photos and notes and rarities.

      All the studio albums from 1970 to 76 have also been given similar deluxe treatment. That includes Burn which has lovely packaging and sound. The only bonus tracks are a b side and remixes. Machine Head is available as a 5 disc set or a simple 2 CD set with Roger Glover remixes and a b side.

      Stormbringer is also out on a 2 disc set with bonus tracks and a DVD of the Quad mix. I reviewed that one too. All of these are by the Deep Purple Appreciation Society and are well worth it.

      I have not bought anything reissued from Perfect Strangers onwards. I have heard that these are not up to the DPAS standards and some have edited tracks. Just what I heard.

      The DPAS have also done numerous live releases with their same packaging and musical value. Last night I wrote a review for a great single disc set called Perks and Tit. Blackmore was on fire that night! Not literally.


      1. Thanks for the info, Mike. I keep forgetting that I have those first three DP reissues on CD, which I got from a friend at Warner Music Group (not sure if those reissues were even through WMG, but he got them for me). It sounds like with most of the other titles, I either have to buy the 2-CD deluxe editions or settle for a basic single-disc package with no extras (music or packaging). Is that the case?


        1. For Perfect Strangers onwards? Yes, that’s what I’ve chosen to do anyway.

          Although I believe the US version of Purpendicular includes a bonus track called Don’t Hold Your Breath which is a good song.


  3. Actually, I was asking if you could confirm that I’ll need the deluxe editions of the 70s albums if I want to avoid the no-extras single disc packages. I definitely want to get all of those albums in a physical format but some of those 2-CD packages can be pricey and the only extras seem to be the lovely packaging & some remixes. I have to decide if those extras are enough to warrant me spending the extra cash. I’ll probably hold off on the post-Perfect Strangers releases for a while.


    1. Yeah, I would only buy the deluxe anniversary editions of the 70s albums. Even if you don’t want or need the remixes, the liner notes are musts! And albums like In Rock, Fireball and Who Do We Think We Are also have interesting jams and rough takes on top of it. Fireball might be the best one for unreleased music, it had a couple unreleased numbers like Slow Train that were lost, but complete.


      1. Very cool. I will start seeking them out. I just ordered the single disc version of “Burn” from Amazon along with a couple of other things (need to pass that $25 barrier for free shipping). It was only $5.99, and it appears to be the version with a handful of extra tracks.


      2. You’ll be pleased to know that, in addition to the “Burn” CD I ordered for $5.99 this week, I also ordered the expanded editions of “In Rock,” “Fireball” and “Machine Head” from Amazon Marketplace sellers for very reasonable prices (and used AmEx points to pay for them). Then earlier today I found myself in my favorite record store in New York (one of the last good ones remaining) and got the 2002 expanded reissue of “Who Do We Think We Are” and the 2007 Friday Music edition of “Stormbringer,” both for $7.99. I hope I chose the best versions of everything. I’m certainly happy with the prices. Looks like I’ve got a purple week ahead of me. Thanks for the inspiration.


        1. With the exception of Machine Head (5 discs) I think you probably got the “best” versions of everything.

          The liner notes, the detail, it’s all going to blow you away. Get ready for an experience man. I’m excited for you!


        2. The Machine Head 5-CD set might be too much for me anyway. Of course, now that I’ve gotten started with my “deluxe edition” purchases, I won’t stop until I’ve gotten them all. You’re not the only obsessive collector around here. Haha.


        3. I just realized that the version of “Stormbringer” I bought is not the 35th Anniversary expanded version but the 2007 remastered version with no bonus tracks. Hopefully I’m not missing anything terribly important, and at least the price was right.


        4. Which version were you not aware of? The one I got has an 8-panel folder that includes lyrics, a very brief essay about the album and 2 panels of advertising from Friday Music for other Deep Purple albums on their label as well as a number of releases from other artists. Not quite the deluxe or expanded edition I would’ve hoped for, but if the sound quality is good I’ll be satisfied. How are the bonus tracks on the other edition?


        5. I didn’t know there was a remastered edition with no bonus tracks. Interesting. Well it sounds like you got a decent version.

          Are we still talking about Burn or are we on Stormbringer?


        6. OK, I’ll make this simple for me. I’ll list the bonus tracks for both!

          BURN: This is the best version to date, single disc 30th anniversary edition. Bonuses:
          Coronarias Redig (B-side, remixed version)
          Burn (remix)
          Mistreated (remix)
          You Fool No One (remix)
          Sail Away (remix)

          Also the best version to date, 1 CD + 1 DVD. Bonus tracks:
          DVD – the entire album in the original Quad mix
          CD – Holy Man (Glenn Hughes remix)
          You Can’t Do It Right (Glenn Hughes remix)
          Love Don’t Mean A Thing (Glenn Hughes remix)
          Hold On (Glenn Hughes remix)
          High Ball Shooter (Glenn Hughes remix)


        7. Much as I’d like to have the expanded version of Stormbringer, especially with the DVD, those remixes aren’t enough of a selling point and I’m very happy with the sound quality of the copy I bought. The edition of Burn I ordered is the one you described, so I’m glad I chose your “best” version.


        8. Rich just an FYI. I chose now to rip my own Burn CD to the PC, and I’m just finishing up listening to it. You have purchased well. Compared to the old original CD…man what a difference. And the remixes are pretty good because they are extended beyond the original fade points etc. I’m really enjoying the remix to You Fool No One right now, it’s just JAMMING.


  4. I love this album to death. I loved it the first time I heard it a million years ago and still do so. In fact, this is my favourite Purple album. And Kevin Shirley’s remix didn’t exactly make things worse. That guy is a damn genius. He actually managed to better the whole thing. Tommy Bolin’s guitar sound was always distinct, raw and powerful but with shitloads of melody, feel and a blinding tecnique. I’ll take him over Blackmore 24/7 – not that I have anything bad to say about Blackmore – he’s awesome. Shirley’s new mix makes sure we get that guitar right in our faces! And now, more than ever, it’s so cool to hear how well Glenn Hughes and Ian Paice play together. I can’t stop listeing to this masterpiece and I don’t even listen to the original mix anymore because Shirley’s remix is superior.
    And then to the songs – there isn’t one single bad tune on this album. Dealer is my fave, much because of Bolin’s guitar solo in the end of the song which is more of a jam than anything else. I Need Love, Getting Tighter, Love Child, You Keep On Moving… Damn.


    1. Thanks for the great post Jon! I don’t know what else I can add to that. It’s great that so many people now appreciate Come Taste the Band.

      I have buddies that feel this is the best of the Coverdale era albums, and perhaps they are right. I do like it better than Burn, that’s for sure.


  5. I love this LP too – although I don’t own it on vinyl believe it, or not. It spends weeks on end in my car, I just have to have ‘Gettin Tighter’ once a week or so. I totally agree it’s a better overall LP than Burn, but i don’t think anything on this LP is as good as the track ‘Burn’.

    Good choice.


  6. Burn is a killer as well. I love that album. And I do find Stormbringer somewhat underrated. Awesome album. And let’s not get into the Gillan era. Or let’s. Fireball! That’s a MF of an album. My favourite with Gillan. On the other hand, Deep Purple didn’t make a single bad second the years 1970 – 1976 in my world. And I love Perfect Strangers. House Of Blue Light? A brilliant album that has been slagged off way to much. Did I say that I’m a Purple-fan? ;-) And Purpendicular, man that album is true Purple classic. Every song on that album is just magnificent. One of their best.
    Has anyone heard their latest album? It’s brilliant.
    Here’s my review of that. ANd check out the few, but very acclaiming comments:


    1. Eventually I will try to tackle a review of Now What!? I play it at least 2-3 times a week! I am addicted to that album.

      I can’t disagree with anything you’ve said here Jon. I agree whole hearted. I think House of Blue Light has some great “unknown” classics on it — songs like “Mad Dog” are insanely good! It is a shame that Purple have sort of disowned that album, I don’t think they have played anything from it since that tour, have they?

      And Jon…Fireball’s my fave too.


      1. You got excellent taste. :-)
        Yeah, Mad Dog is a killer. I also love The Spanish Archer (Ian Gillan said in an interview that that actually means elbow. El bow – geddit? Not far fetched at all…) is another great one. Mitzi Dupree, The Unwritten Law, Bad Attitude… The list goes on.
        No, I don’t think they ever played anything from that album after the HOBL-tour.


        1. I don’t know if you have read Gillan’s book or not? Apparently Blackmore hated Mitzi Dupri so much that he refused to play on it. The guitar that you hear is the demo recording because Ritchie refused to do it. I like it though!


        2. Didn’t even know that Gillan has written a book. Any good? And what’s it called?
          Wow, didn’t know that either, but then again, that’s Blackmore so I’m not really surprised.


        3. It is very good, but it has some errors in it. Nothing overly major, but there are typos and I think Gillan gets a few dates wrong. Other than that — it is a MUST. He talks about everything. Dishes all the dirt on him and Blackmore. He’s equally brutal on himself. He says he was fired from the band (1988) after stumbling drunk and naked into the band’s hotel room, and falling on a glass table with shattered. He says even Glover was fed up with him at that time.

          Anyway the book was available in 1993 as “Child In Time” and later on reprinted as the imaginative title “Ian Gillan: The Autobiography of Deep Purple’s Lead Singer”. Basically the later printing goes into the Purpendicular era, where the 1993 one stops at Battle Rages On, so he doesn’t even get into THAT breakup.


        4. I haven’t looked for prices in ages and ages so I hope you can afford it without having to sell any possessions!

          It really is worth it. Also: I strongly recommend any of Martin Popoff’s Deep Purple books:

          They are loaded with details…his Rainbow book was also good. There was a lot of vitriol from Joe Lynn Turner towards the Battle Rages On album!


        5. Cool. I’ll look into that. We have a couple of online book shops here that usually has decent prices on their stuff, especially on books that might have a year or three on their necks.


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