Gallery: Another piece of meat

Fantastic anniversary weekend…


  1. Jeez -as a lifelong vegetarian there’s simply no way I can press ‘like’ here! In fact by even reading this I think I may have passively killed a beast!

    Happy anniversary Mike!


    1. Believe it or not I was thinking of a few of my non-meat-eating readers while posting this! Two of my best original readers are vegans. I didn’t want to make anyone feel ill! So I tried to balance it out with the corn and peppers.

      The corn is just done simply with salt, pepper and olive oil. It was incredible!


    1. My sister has a similar reaction to beef, sometimes dairy too. She hates it! But it’s given her more appreciation for fish!

      The corn was really amazing. Farm fresh and I didn’t even have to put butter on it. Last night’s bacon-wrapped asparagus might have been the best ever.


  2. It all looks fantastic, I love Labour Day cookout.

    But you can have all the shit flowers for yourself. We’ve already had this conversation, just letting you know my opinion on those taste and texture violation little bastards of nastiness are all yours.


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