REVIEW: Queens of the Stone Age – “First It Giveth” (single)

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE – “First It Giveth” (2002 single)

I’m on record for being a huge fan of Songs For the Deaf.  Uncle Meat and I disagree on this issue, as he considers Songs For the Deaf as being the beginning of a downturn.  I see it as some kind of peak, on an equal plane with Rated R.  “First It Giveth” is undoubtedly one of the highlights from Songs.  It has a brutally heavy groove on the choruses, coupled with haunted, frantic verses.  Dave Grohl’s best work is to be found on Songs For the Deaf.  That is my belief.   I consider “First It Giveth” to be among the evidence to this.

Track 2 is the groovy spy drama rock of “The Most Exalted Potentate of Love”.  This is apparently a Cramps cover.  Wikipedia says The Cramps are “psychobilly”.  Having heard this song, sure, I’ll go with that.  It’s pretty cool, that’s for sure.

I’ve never hidden my dislike for remixes.  9 times out of 10, the album versions are superior.  I do think a remix has some merit when it completely transforms a song into something new.  This remix of “Song For the Deaf” does that.  Unfortunately I don’t think it’s an improvement in any way.  The original song is a relentless beast.  Waves of guitar wash over Grohl’s stumbling drum rolls, while Josh Homme sings hypnotically.  This remix strips away most (if not all?) of the original instrumentation, isolating Homme’s vocal tracks.  Then it adds electronic beats, piano, guitar squeals and effects.  It’s…interesting?  I’m at a loss for words.  I don’t like remixes OK?

I have said in the past that I think remixers should come up with better, more original titles for their remixes.  At least whoever mixed this (the credits don’t say) came up with an original title:  “The Blind Can Goes Get Fucked Remix” [sic].

Although the technology is kinda dated, there’s also a music video for your computer.  This is for the main track, “First It Giveth”.  This is a cool performance video made up of tour and backstage footage.

Two out of three good tracks?  Pretty easy to rate this one.

3.333~/5 stars




  1. Well, easily “Songs…” is one of QOTSA’s best albums. I feel that there are certain things which make this album really good: Dave’s drumming for one (with you saying “Dave Grohl’s best work is to be found on Songs For the Deaf.”), the guitar work (both) and the vocals.

    On the above point, Dave has always been a great drummer. I would recommend to you the band Them Crooked Vultures. Again: Great drumming from Dave.

    But “Songs…” must be an album I can state as my favourite without having to think about it.


    1. I love Them Crooked Vultures, although I sadly don’t think that they put out an album as good as most QOTSA albums….

      I’ll buy almost anything that Dave appears on. (Not Puff Daddy, though.) I think his PROBOT album is another drumming highlight.


        1. I liked the new QOTSA a lot, all but one song. Still it would be nice if they did another heavy album.

          I would very much like to hear an album by Grohl, Homme, and Trent Reznor.


        2. Well…you know Grohl did perform on Nine Inch Nails’ “With Teeth”? (you probably know).

          And yes, although a little bit of “Lullabies…” as well.


        3. There’s a song in the Sound City movie that is just the three of them. Trent on keyboards, Josh on guitar and Dave on drums. It might be the best song in the movie. I want a whole album by the three guys now!


        1. I’ve heard that from some people but frankly I loved it from day one. Granted there is a lack of guitar solos that often goes with that kind of music, but I loved it. There’s even a Jack Black bonus track called “I Am the Warlock”.


        2. That Iommi album is just a tad on the nu-metal side for me. I love certain songs, I think Billy Idol’s in particular was really good, as was Rollins’. But I haven’t played it in…God…YEARS! Bob Marlette’s production was NOT to my taste, at all.


  2. I’m not a huge QOTSA fan – I’ve never forgiven them properly for being really dull when I saw them just before the little evil bass dude quit/got fired. I do love most of ‘Songs for the deaf’ though.

    My favourite QOTSA stuff are always the Mark lanegan numbers – that man’s voice just does it for me.


    1. What a great and unique voice he has. I loved when they had three lead singers though, like on Songs for the Deaf. Me, I’m all about Nick Oliveri. I love the screaming.


        1. Really? I had no idea. I wanted to get some Mondo Generator, I heard a few good songs.

          I really like Nick’s music — his singing, his bass playing, and his writing. He had awesome chemistry with Josh and I honestly truthfully do not think they are the same without him. Even though I like the new one. It’s still not the sound I fell in love with. I fell in love with that bass in sync with the drums, unique and greasy, and the combinations of the two voices.


        2. When I saw QOTSA they were only a few weeks off the split and I suspect that’s the reason why they weren’t great that night.


        3. Yeah that has to be hard on the chemistry.

          I read an interview with Josh that said the reason Nick was fired was because he hit a woman, and it wasn’t just one time. I can respect Josh’s decision, if that is true. I hope it isn’t, because I really like Nick’s music.

          Axl Rose has beat women and I still like Guns N’ Roses. I hope this doesn’t make me a hypocrite.


        4. I hope I’m not downplaying domestic violence in any way shape or form, but If I only owned LPs by people who lived spoptless lives and/or were totally worthwhile human beings who I’d like if I met, then I rather suspect that my blog would be called 37 and I’d be looking for something else to do with my time!

          You can still admire someone’s art and not them, I think.


        5. I hope so. Even Stephen Hawking had left his wife for his nurse. That’s true. Nobody’s perfect.

          Domestic is one of many crimes that I really strongly dislike. Another is drinking and driving. But yet I still listen to Motley Crue.

          Yes, I actually do lose sleep over these moral dilemmas.


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