Gallery: Overload of Van Vinyl!

My pal Craig Fee has returned from Jerry’s Records in Pittsburgh with a bag full of goodies for me!


Craig strongly recommended a two to three day stay at Jerry’s Records should I ever find myself in Pittsburgh.  That’s how much vinyl they have.  He also told me that they had a whack of old Van Halen picture sleeves.  I said cool, bring ’em back to me!  So he did, every single one that they had.  He also picked up a promo Helix 12″ single for “Wild in the Streets” on red vinyl!  That and some Triumph 12″ promos, plus a surprise that I think tops them up.  I think the real treasure may be David Lee Roth’s “Stand Up”, from Skyscraper — a 12″ remix vinyl single that I was previously unaware of!  Pretty exciting huh?  Additionally, the Van Halen “Best of Both Worlds” contains the live version from the Live Without A Net video on the B-side.

Total expenditure?  $45 bones.  Craig is a great shopper.  Thanks man!

All of these will come in handy in the future, because they coincide with a couple different series ideas that I was already going to work on.  Now, those series will be even cooler.  Stay tuned.


  1. That is looking like a spectacular haul! You did a good job of wiping up all the drool before you took those pics. Looking forward to many, many reviews.

    Wanna make a road trip to Pittsburgh? ;)


    1. If we do — and I am sure Craig was not kidding about this — he said the right way to do it is 2-3 days. He said he barely scratched the surface and he’s been there twice this year.


  2. Cool story and better yet cool product!!!
    When I see all your retro stuff it kinda makes me miss my Mullet!(no not really)


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