Part 117: Promos (FIRST EVER VIDEO BLOG!)

RECORD STORE TALES Part 117:  Promos


  1. Great idea, and well presented too! You should do more of these! The cut-outs weren’t always promo’s were they? Did that not get done for Bargain Bin stock too, remaindered stuff? The cut-out always annoys me but it’s you do get a lot of great cheap mint LPs with those. Got some Frehley’s Comet LPs like that. Some really cool stuff there. The Megadeth baby head is quite astoundingly creepy though…


  2. Well, first of all, THANKS! I appreciate it! But I won’t make ALL my posts like this, as much as I enjoyed it, it’s a lot more work doing this than just writing!

    The funny thing? The idea was to do a QUICK blog, so I said, “What is quicker than not writing anything at all?” Turns out that all that video editing and audio editing and photo-taking, take more time than writing!

    HMO I believe you are correct. A cut can sometimes indicate that it came from a sale bin. But I think even those were free, somewhere along the line.


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