Gallery: Christmas Comes Early


The “A” is for Aaron!  Thanks man!  This parcel wasn’t a total surprise but the contents inside sure were!  I’m really excited about many of these items.  (The Olivia Munn film looks great…)  I’m so overwhelmed I don’t even know where to begin.

Ahh hell.  Yes I do.  Let’s start with Pearl Jam!

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  1. I’m so glad it arrived! Brief synopsis:

    The PJ is because it is AWESOME and I was a first day buyer and you said you were gonna wait and THAT just wouldn’t do! Also, when you play the Americana, turn it UP. I love that CD. Love. The Hot Wheels? It just looked cool, and it made me think of Anne Hathaway’s butt thrust up in the air (in the movie, riding the thing) so there’s that. :) The We Will Rock You CD was actually just a weirdo find tucked in behind a Classic Queen CD I bought used. It didn’t have a case or anything, I just tossed it in there in case you hadn’t heard it. You might decide you want an actual copy! I think I told you I had the Jedi DVD? The cover certainly is eye-catching!

    The Bladerunner book was a no-brainer for Lebrain. :) And the Gibson and Stephenson… I can’t even begin to describe how important those books are to me, and to science fiction in general. So, Mikey needs to read them too because they are brilliant. The Stephenson is a classic, and the Gibson is a collection of short stories that are so good it isn’t even fair to the rest of us. ;) Oh, and the Chuck Baker… he’s a high school art teacher from Stayner (near Collingwood) who also made this album. We saw him (and met him!) twice, once at a Knox Acoustic Café show, and another at a house concert. Both times were excellent. I’ll be interested to hear what you think. Maybe even a LEBRAIN REVIEW?!?!

    So yeah, a real mish-mash. Happy happy Dude! Give ‘er!


    1. Well I will wait not longer for Pearl Jam…I’m loving it. I’m on vacation now, so although I plan on taking ‘er easy, I’ll try to squeeze in some reviewing time!

      The Bat-pod is gonna look cool on my DVD shelf. I am really excited about everything here, but Jedi Junkies sounds like my cup o’ java for sure!

      Many, many thanks!


      1. Oh man the new Pearl Jam is so good. And it gets better with every spin. Actually, I was hoping the “Hail Hail” Lebrain wasn’t too much of a give-away when I was making up the little card thingy. You might have guessed what it was before you even opened it!

        No rush on reviews, no you’ve got them there. Of course we’re always interested in what you have to say about stuff! The Blade Runner book might be a fun one too. Didn’t you write up the Vangelis soundtrack a long time ago?

        The Gibson and Stephenson will make perfect holiday reading too! Did you get theough the other Stephenson, Necronomicon?

        I hope the Jedi film is good. It looks a little… low-budget. :)


        1. Also, Dude, two thumbs up for the automatic slideshow thingy you embedded there. That’s really cool! You should use that again!

          Also, my thanks to Mrs. Lebrain for her assistance in my quest for getting you cool stuffs this year! :)


        2. She filled me in! That explains a few questions I’ve been asked over the last few weeks!

          The slideshow was fun! I’m glad it turned out, I’ve never used that feature before.


        3. Well again, thank you. So far I have enjoyed the Jedi movie and the Pearl Jam. And guess what! The Jedi movie was alright for a low budget documentary. It’s specifically about the fans who make costumes, fan films, and other elaborate tributes to the movies. It was cute and it was better than some other ones I’ve seen.


    1. It was pretty good! I learned about Lightsaber construction. One guy makes custom lightsabers…for a living. He makes them out of carbon and stainless steel. He’s even improved the blade design over the ones that Lucasfilm sells. His blades are playfight proof! You can playfight for days without breaking LED’s like you will on the official ones.


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