REVIEW: Quiet Riot – Down To The Bone (1995)

Bought at an HMV store in Guelph Ontario, spring 1996.

DTTB_0001QUIET RIOT – Down To The Bone (1995 Kamikaze)

After the fairly impressive Terrified in 1993, I had my hopes up for Down to the Bone. I shouldn’t have. Even though this album represents the reunion of the seasoned QRIII lineup (Kevin DuBrow, Carlos Cavazo, Frankie Banali, Chuck Wright), this is one of the worst albums that Quiet Riot have ever released, and that’s saying something.

The songs on Down to the Bone fall into two categories: filler, and covers. The album is bogged down by boring production and mixing. Cavazo’s guitar tone is harsh, and makes the overly long album difficult to listen to in one sitting.  The snare drum sound is obtrusive and not very good.  Down to the Bone has a cold sounding mix, dry and irritating. This isn’t helped by the filler music contained herein. “Dig” for example contains a pathetic excuse for a chorus, making you wonder how anybody could have thought this was a good song. It’s a shame because Cavazo’s solo is melodic and cool, but a great guitar solo is not enough to save the song.  There are moments here and there, melodies and riffs that are memorable, but no actual songs that you’d say, “Yeah, that’s a good song.” Only the cover of The Kinks’ “All Day and All of the Night” made my Quiet Riot road tape.

Down to the Bone overstays its welcome at almost 70 yawn-inducing minutes.  I have very rarely played this album. The last time I can distinctly remember listening to the whole thing — until now — was over a decade ago.  Go ahead and ask me how any of the songs (besides the cover) go.  I won’t be able to tell you.

0.5/5 stars


        1. Yeah. When Kevin DuBrow died in 2007, he was the last remaining original member. Randy Rhoads formed the band and he’s been gone a long time. The other two originals Kelly Garni and Doug Forsythe have moved on to other things and haven’t been in the band since the 70’s. The band that Kevin DuBrow re-formed consisted of Rudy Sarzo that was in an earlier version of QR, Carlos Cavazo (who is now in Ratt) and Frankie Banali. It’s Frankie that’s carrying on the name.


  1. “this is one of the worst albums that Quiet Riot have ever released, and that’s saying something.” That is brilliant!-made my morning-thanks :)


  2. I know I have this album somewhere. I didn’t buy it, though, somebody burned it for me. Maybe he should have burned it – as in set fire to it – instead…
    Didn’t make much of an impression on me because I can’t remember one single tune on it. After this chainsaw review I guess I won’t look hard for it and revisit it anytime soon.

    And what about the Quiet Riot of today. I mean, Jizzy Pearl… C’mon already. L.A. Guns, Ratt and now Quiet Riot. Reform Love / Hate or start your own band instead. This is ridicolous- and it didn’t sound that great either. I’m curious on how big that audeinece were…


    1. Jon I think it’s a shame that they are carrying on with all these new singers. Jizzy is Love/Hate…That’s the sound he brings to mind immediately. He’s got a very unique voice.

      But so many bands now have had their named dragged through the mud, most recently and notably Queensryche, that nobody cares if Frankie’s out there touring with Faux Riot.


        1. Oh man how long have I been waiting to answer this question!

          Canada is a constitutional monarchy. That is, our de jure leader is Queen Elizabeth II. However much like anywhere else that doesn’t mean anything. She is represented in our government by the Governor General, who is appointed and technically the head of our government. He summons and dissolves parliament.

          Then the rest of us schmucks elect ourselves Prime Minister after Prime Minister, each more comical than the last. The current guy we have has more scandals under his belt than the last guy. Who had more scandals under his belt than the last guy.

          But we’re Canadians and we don’t care. Hockey’s on. That’s what we care about. When the NHL had their dispute last year and didn’t start the season until January, there was a palpable depression in the air. You couldn’t talk to anyone before the subject came up: “No, hockey, eh?”

          So we continue to elect these schmoes, one after the other, because just like Americans we have little in the way of options, and because Hockey is on TV.


        2. I did know you had a prime minister, but I didn’t realise Canada was still a constitutional monarchy, my assumption was that once you’d won your freedom from the iron grip of the oppressive imperialist yoke of Britain you were just being nice to our queen (having her over for visits and such-like) because you’re essentially a pleasant nation.

          I think you should simply vote Bob Ezrin as President for Life, he wouldn’t be afraid to make hard decisions and work long hours; plus everything he did would be very cleverly orchestrated. It’s the logical answer.


        3. As a fan of Kiss, Alice Cooper, and Pink Floyd, I’m ashamed I didn’t think of this first!

          Check out this guy who ran for Prime Minister back in the 80’s.


        4. He was a famous magician actually — I don’t know if you’re familiar with him or if he was ever famous anywhere else. But he had TV specials all the time, before getting into politics! He was Canada’s version of Chris Angel.


        5. But when he goes all math at the end, with the income from hosting weekly rock concerts in all 280 major Canadian cities, and the job creation and all that? I was like, “Damn! Why don’t we do that!”

          Deficit erased in a matter of months. I would have voted Rhino party, if I wasn’t 11.


  3. Ouch. Well, I think I know which record you need me to drunk-review next! Yup, the youtubes are hosting it…

    What really hurts is to think that this is a pretty talented group of people. Why in hell did they make such crap choices. And also, with all the good bands out there not getting heard, how do these guys keep getting allowed to drop turds on the public?


    1. DRUNK REVIEW! DRUNK REVIEW! Although this album isn’t really suited to it. It’s not bad to the point of hilarious, like QRIII. This is just boring. You might put yourself to sleep. I did (more than once).


  4. I bought Terrified at the time it wasn’t to bad but that was it til one of these live compilations they had put out. This one sounds bad …actually I did not even know it existed until your review Mike ..hahaha…u da man!


    1. I thought Terrified was pretty awful as well. How bad QR III may be, it’s still not as bad as some of the later releases, I think.


      1. I like Terrified for the most part. I thought the title track was just a monster! Also the closer, that instrumental track, just burns.

        It was a heavier QR but it was also the 1990’s and heavy was in.


  5. mikeladano :
    He was a famous magician actually — I don’t know if you’re familiar with him or if he was ever famous anywhere else. But he had TV specials all the time, before getting into politics! He was Canada’s version of Chris Angel.

    My mom took me to see him at the Paramount in Oakland when I was a kid, probably about 7 or 8. Shocked me when I found this guy had run for public office.


  6. Mike–Your review of this album is LAME!! Did you actually listen to every track? The album isn’t as bad as you claim. The self titled QR album with Shortino is worse!
    Some memorable songs are “Pretty pack O’Lies”, “Whatever it Takes”, “Down to the Bone”, “Wings of a Cloud”, and “All wound Up” which has a Van Halen-ish riff. Give credit to an 80’s band releasing some albums in the 90’s.


    1. One last thing Dan — while it’s nice that QR did some albums in the 90s, lots of bands did. Lots of bands did some awful albums in the 90s. That doesn’t mean you have to like them or spend hard earned money on them today.

      There are lots of 90s album reviews here for you to troll, have fun if that’s your thing. I’m sure the Dokken Shadowlife review will get you upset enough to post.


      1. Wow–I hit a nerve Mike. Listen, I’m not trolling. And I do like most of your reviews. We don’t have to agree on everything. Have a Molsen on me. Cheers!


        1. I was thinking of going fishing. I prefer to cast, but you say trolling is better. Ok, settled then. Trolling it is.

          P.S. I usually do not point out spelling mistakes, but in your case, I’ll make an exception. Don’t worry, I won’t point out your mistake by calling you a name, as I think that is childish and shows a lack of intelligence. Also, I won’t call you a name, and then try and correct your mistake with a mistake of my own. I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself in a public forum like that.

          Where was I? Oh yeah. Molson has no e.

          Liked by 1 person

        1. In the Facebook age, it seems many people just want to whine and complain. I used to get pissed off at inflammatory comments online, but that is what those people want to happen, so I try to not feed their fire.
          Name calling only makes people look childish. If you want to defend your opinion on an album, post it on WordPress, Amazon or wherever. Just remember, it is a lot harder than it looks, and you may have to be honest. Even about a band you love.

          Liked by 1 person

        1. You’re well on your way to banishment with that comment Dan. This is your second warning. We treat each other with respect here, and the “R” word is no longer cute.


        2. I had a mentally challenged brother because at the time, nurses were not allowed to deliver babies, and had to wait for a doctor, so my brother was starved for oxygen during child birth. Therefore I resent keyboard warriors such as yourself using that word.

          I am not kissing ass. I was just curious as to why you would show up on posts that are almost 3 years old and insult the author and his followers. You say you are not trolling, but name calling and bashing someone else’s post just because they do not share your opinion is the exact definition of trolling as far as I am concerned.

          It appears you are well on your way to being banished. I would say it was nice knowing you, but it really wasn’t, and I kind of resent that you take up so much oxygen with all of that mouth breathing.

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        3. A lot of people think it’s OK to comment like that because of sites like or whatever, where you can say whatever you want and it’s OK.

          But I pay the bills here therefore I make the rules. And the R word is not tolerated on MY site.

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        1. Wild! You can tell it’s a reissue because Slam Dunk is from the Alive and Well CD from 1999. The other track I don’t know and didn’t know about. But clearly a Japanese reissue.


        2. That EBAY seller has some awesome stuff. I was hoping to win Lottomax last week. apparently there was a $1 million ticket sold in Cambridge last Friday, and DLAW hopes it was him.

          As Craig Fee would say, none of us ‘do the math’

          As for Franki Banali not knowing, just send his wife a PM.



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