Part 279: Record Store Gallery Deux

RECORD STORE TALES Part 279:  Record Store Gallery Deux

I found another whack of old photos going back to the record store days.  Allow me to take you on a guided tour!

Gallery #1:  This would have been 2002.  The tragus was the most painful piercing I experienced.  It was the only time that somebody said, “he’s turning white, get him some juice to drink.”  The piercer was my friend Lois who works at Stigmata in Guelph.  She was apprenticing, with me as a test subject.  She even gave me the labret stud that they pierced it with, so the experience was free!  Note that Marillion shirt, and my then-sveldt shape!

Gallery #2:  A variety of sushi and fancy dinners with our Niagara Falls store owner Lemon Kurri Klopek, Guinness’ Book alumnus Sweet Pepper Klopek, the British piercer Sarge, and the mysterious man known only as Mr. Lebowski.

I look like a goth Leprechaun.

Gallery #3:  New arrivals! My birthday 2004! The Paul Stanley interview picture disc was from a friend in York, England named Kim. The Marillion singles were a birthday gift from a guy in France named Charly. And the Marillion Marbles deluxe edition was a gift for me, from me, that happened to arrive at the right time!


Last Words:  I love that this photo gallery contains three completely different facial hair styles:  A simple goatee, my Ian Paice mutton chops, and finally a full beard.  Cool!


  1. Gallery #1: Just… ouch.

    Gallery #2 The perspective makes it look like that is a huge pile of wasabi, man. Haha awesome. Also, you stole Slash’s hat?!

    Gallery #3: 2004, the year of the Marillionbirthday. Cool.

    I like photo galleries. Thanks for sharing!


    1. That’s Sarge’s hat! No wonder the one restaurant didn’t like us…

      And yeah I love the look of that wasabi. It looks like a giant mountain of evil delicious temptation.


  2. At one point I think I was the only one who owned a Marillion record here in Tbay(Script For A Jesters Tear) and I think your the only guy in Canada whose photo i seen wearing a Marillion T…..
    Good stuff…


  3. I can’t remember: You say you still have all those piercings?

    I got a cartilage piercing second year uni, left ear. Unfortunately, I had to let it grow in, because it was the “wound that would not heal” [a heart that cannot feel…I feel a Rush song comin’ on…lol]. I still have double piercings in both my ears, but haven’t been able to wear any earrings, because – same problem – I am plagued with infections. I am in treatment, but it’s super slow healing. I may never recover fully though. :\


  4. Better you than me my friend. Pathological fear of needles here. In fact mortal fear of anything sharp or pointed coming near my body. Strangely enough I chose a career involving daily use of sharp pointy things. I have the laceration and surgery scar to show for it.


    1. I think I probably used to cut myself more at the CD store than my current job. Opening all those discs, cases cracking and smashing. Now that I’m in a steel mill I never cut myself! LOL


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