Gallery: Christmas Haul 2013

Music, movies, and books! I’ve been very occupied these last couple days.

I get the Guiness’ Book of World Records, and the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not books every year. I imagine my surprise when I discovered a friend of ours in both books! Apparently, Sweet Pepper Klopek holds the world record for “Most Baking Sheets Buckled Over the Head for One Minute.” This is a guy who has been on my living room couch!  Lemon Kurri says:

“He’s in there a couple times. Most mouse traps sprung on a tongue in 1 min too.”




        1. Maybe I’m still wrapped in Xmas glow, but I liked it a lot. Taking a break now. My wife is heading to Toronto for a hockey game tonight, so that means blasting Jethro Tull’s 5.1 mix of Benefit!


  1. Yeah the Thru The Never is mixed really well. It is a good live album. I have heard only the audio and it’s very good!
    The Cooper disc is like I said earlier the first thing I bought of his back in 86 I think. At the time he had some good rotation with the live Teenage Frankenstien live vid on much music.
    That album has one of my favourite tracks of his….The Life and Death Of the Party.
    Love that one!


    1. I agree with that Deke. In fact on Facebook there was a discussion about the Price of Darkness compilation, which is a favourite of a friend of mine. Life and Death of the Party is one of the highlights on it. I think The World Needs Guts was also pretty good and the singles too of course.


  2. The songs they do off the first three are worth the price of admission!
    When I seen live twice back in 92 they only did Bringin On The Heartbreak as the only track from the first two albums….that my friend is what we call BUMMER!
    It’s like back than they did not wanna know about those releases. Now it’s a different story…


    1. This is the kind of set they should be playing more often. Viva Pyromania is another sign that they are “getting it” now. The Slang reissue, if it ever comes, will be 3 for 3 in my books.


  3. Yeah to hear Comin Under Fire and Billy’s Got A Gun in other words the non singles would be good..
    That Pyromania reissue with that 83 LA show is mint man…..


  4. Geez us that makes me wanna puke in my mouth!
    I’m with u as well on the Slang Bandwagon…one of there best top 3 of there’s for sure!


    1. There are two guys in Canada known as the “Green Guys” who are fans of the hockey team the Vancouver Canucks. Here’s an example of what they do.

      I think I can take their schtick and adapt it to my Simmons suit.


    1. You can’t see from the picture, but the gingerbread jammies say “bite me” on the them!

      Yeah I look like a potential main character serial killer from the next blockbuster horror film. Maybe I can write a screenplay and get Gene interested in it.

      No video games this year though. My dad used to buy me a new video game every year (tradition) but this year be bought me a brake job :)


      1. Hey, breaks are important (and expensive…)! Especially after that ice storm! :)
        Got one game this year, but got some decent loot overall. Will have to post an update.


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