Part 299: More Journals

RECORD STORE TALES Part 299: More Journals

A sequel to Part 244: Diary of a Mad Record Store Man.  I think the journal entries speak for themselves, so here they are.

Date: 2004/08/10
On this Marillion live disc, Fish just dedicated the entire Misplaced Childhood record to Phil Lynott…he must have just passed away when it was recorded.  That’s heavy, man.  My two lyrical heroes, Fish and Lynott…

Date: 2004/08/24
Crazy to think that I’ve been in this business for 10 years, and only now am I starting to listen to Buddy Holly. Sad to think what I’ve been missing all these years!  I can’t believe how great Buddy’s music was.  It’s really clicking with me, I just love Buddy Holly!

Date 2005/01/30
Some dude was just in here throwing a pencil at us because he didn’t have a receipt.  I AM TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT.  I need to get THE FUCK out of here.






  1. I was a late Buddy Holly adopter as well – I knew the glasses & weezer song but it wasn’t until much more recently that I had a similar moment of enlightenment!


        1. Yep. But I meant as a kid, even as a toddler. I didn’t know any of you people then. My Mom had a jukebox, and we’d plug quarters in it and spin the hell outta all sorts of 45s. Buddy, Elvis, Beatles, Beach Boys. I didn’t appreciate at the time what an education that gave me.

          And here I am playing Rush and the Beasties for my kids.

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        2. I was lucky too. I got good musical taste from my dad, and then my best friends. My dad taught me about classical music and good country.

          Then my friends who had older siblings, they had all these records. Manfred Mann. Beatles. Three Dog Night. I was hearing all these amazing tunes but I didn’t know the names of the bands. All I knew was, for a while in ’82-83, my favourite song was Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn).


    1. I had always known his songs. What I didn’t know was that all these great songs I knew were all by the same person! Not Fade Away for example…I only knew it from the movie soundtrack to Christine. Didn’t know it was Buddy.


  2. 1) And here I thought your lyrical heroes were Nickelback… hahahaha something in your mouth WHAT

    2) Buddy Holly rules. He’ll seep into your bloodstream. You’ll never be without him, now.

    3) Why was he throwing a pencil at YOU if it was HE who did not have a receipt? Oh, right. So easy to forget that many people are morons (present company definitely excluded).


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