Part 301: A Nice Pair

RECORD STORE TALES Part 301: A Nice Pair

I was working the afternoon shift, and another guy named Dave was working the morning. I arrived at work at about 1:30 in the afternoon, with a big box of used stock in my hands. Upon entering, I saw that Dave was already dealing with a big box of CDs. A customer was wandering around the store, as Dave picked through his big box of discs.

I saddled up to help Dave go through the discs. The customer, a male in his early 30’s, was just looking around while he waited. He liked to talk a lot, and would periodically pipe in with a comment. “This here is a great CD, eh?” There were other customers in the store as well, including a well-dressed woman. The dude took a gander at the woman, who was wearing high heels.

When the woman was out of earshot, he said (to no one in particular):

“Woah. That’s a nice pair of feet.”

Then, I gagged a little. The end.



        1. Or, alternately “bewbies”.

          True: When I was just a teeny tiny little kid, I referred to the USS Enterprise’s nacelles as “boobies” and I didn’t even know what boobies were. I was a smart kid.


  1. BAhahahaha! Foot fetish! …blech…
    I am reminded of a Sex and the City episode where Charlotte meets a shoe salesman who is in love with feet. I just keep thinking of my grandmother’s feet in that context (RIP) and …blech. You should see how everyone on my Mom’s side is getting pedi’s like there’s no tomorrow ’cause, the genetic predisposition is there…if you catch my drift…:\ (not me. no, not at all…)


    1. You lost all of us dudes after Sex and the City. Although, while flipping past that show to find something good like Seinfeld, I do remember the brunette was HOT. I might have lingered for a minute or so until horse face came on. And then I too gagged a little. The end.

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        1. Ha! Sorry for the SITC ref…I realize I’m the rose among men men men. Just please don’t say I have a horse face and then pretend to gag (cup face is fine) lol

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        2. BWAAHHAHAH!

          Nick from Nick’s Album Reviews posted a hilarious video…some dude sampled his farts and made a song out of them. Said he recorded his farts every single day.


  2. I’ve noticed when you type a female celebrity’s name into google, one of the top suggested searches will involve feet. Like “Emma Watson feet” or “Jennifer Lawrence feet”. Kind of strange…


    1. I’ve noticed that too! People here know I have a crush on Jennifer Lawrence. I’ve definitely googled her in the past and noticed the same thing!

      Kaley Cuoco too. Although I think I’ve outgrown my Kaley crush.


        1. Oh, yeah. Makes sense. Not on enough around here, although the hubs doesn’t like it.
          Kaley’s gorgeous. Actually, all the women on that show are pretty one way or another.


        2. And yet we’re supposed to think that Penny’s just a normal girl next door! At least they started putting clothes on her, made her look frumpy around the house like a normal person. My favourite Penny moment is when she gets hooked on video games! Have you seen that one?


        3. Great episode. I think the show is losing steam. For the last 18 months or so I’ve been watching American Dad 3-4 times a week. I LOVE that show. My God. The alien. The fact that all he does is put on a wig and suddenly nobody can tell he’s an alien…I love the absurdity.


  3. Remembering a very well-endowed classmate at Art College. She wore tight sweaters and was well aware of the looks she got. One day , a bunch of us lounging around the lounge pit, watching her stride past in tight jeans, even snugger sweater, and knee-high boots, a truly magnificent bouncy vision. From the midst of our group comes the loud comment “NICE…………..BOOTS!”

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        1. No! Sadly, that one was the richest since I started blogging. The rest are all Where’s Waldo image. Or unknown search terms – how lame, Google! Maybe a singular WTF posting, but nothing more…


    1. Funny, Craig Fee hates feet. Hates. It’s even in his theme song, “He don’t like feet/and he don’t eat meat/What the fuck is wrong with this guy?”

      I sent this one to him as a sneak preview, and he thought it was so funny, he wanted me to post it that day!

      I guess it’s one of those things, you get it or you don’t? Hey, I don’t hit home runs every time at bat :)


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