DVD REVIEW: Trailer Park Boys – The Complete Fourth Season

Part 3 in my series of Trailer Park Boys reviews! This one features BRIAN VOLLMER of HELIX!

Part one: Seasons 1 & 2
Part two: Season 3

TRAILER PARK BOYS – The Complete Fourth Season (2004 Alliance Atlantis)

Clattenberg and Co. decided to shake things up a little bit in season 4, and alter a successful formula. This is something they would not be afraid to do in later seasons, usually quite successfully. Season 4 features some of the Trailer Park Boys‘ all-time best episodes, included S04E05 aka “Conky”.

As revealed at the end of season 3, Lahey & Randy, as well as Julian, have ended up in jail. This is quite a switch from the way things usually go (Julian in jail with Ricky) at the end of a season.  Ricky (!) is now the Trailer Park Supervisor, and Bubbles his assistant. They spend their days playing hash hockey (which, according to Sarah, is all they do). Ricky also has been using his position for illegal credit card scams, stealing the park money, and other greasy deals.  He’s also been growing dope on an unprecedented scale.

Things for awry for Ricky when Julian, Randy and Lahey all get out early.  Ricky has quarantined several trailers (including Julian’s) behind a giant wall, where he is growing all his dope. J-Roc, T, and new addition DVS (aka “DVD”) are on board with Rick to help sell his dope at the Snoop Dogg concert. Lahey and Randy, now homeless, are powerless to do anything. That doesn’t stop them from trying….

While I won’t spoil all the twists and turns of this season, I will tell you some of the highlights.

1. Conky. The greatest character in the show’s history makes his debut (a goddamn puppet at that).  It might be the best episode of the show’s entire run.  It has certainly become a fan favourite.

2. The Green Bastard (from “parts unknown”). Bubbles gets to live his dream of being a wrestler, in a match over who gets to control the park!
3. Rita MacNeil. Sure, Ricky could have been nicer to Rita and her band, but harvesting dope is a stressful thing. Rita is obviously a good sport and a cool woman for appearing on the show as herself.
4. Bubbles gets extra credit for coining the word “Samsquantch” (Sasquatch).


Unfortunately this season contains one hiccup.  The episode “If You Love Something, Set It Free” (aka “Steve French”) isn’t that shithot.  In this one, Bubbles befriends a mountain cat addicted to dope.

DVD extras are your usual fare: deleted and alternate scenes galore. The most valuable cut scene was a cameo by Brian Vollmer of Helix. All Ricky wants is for Vollmer to give him an R!  This occurs near the beginning of the season, and it would have been damn cool had it remained in the aired episode.

Pick up season 4 of Trailer Park Boys and find out just what happens when you leave Ricky in charge of anything!

5/5 stars

Season 4 was followed by the 2004 Christmas Special “Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself”.  Since I already reviewed this a while back, you can just clicky clicky to check out my review on that essential episode!


  1. I agree that the mountain lion episode was a bit weak. I didn’t like the whole quarantined wall thing much either. But still an awesome show! I’m going to mention here that I think the guy that plays Lahey is a genius at acting drunk (assuming he is acting)! And even great at acting like a sober person acting drunk! Absolutely brilliant performance from that guy.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. John Dunsworth came into my old workplace about 10 years ago. When I saw him I paged “Mr. Lahey to the service department”. I felt like doing the “Mr. Lahey and Randy to the fuck off Department. And hurry the fuck up” that Ricky did over the Zellers pa system on an episode of TPB, but I needed the job, so I toned it down.
        When he got there he shot the shit for an hour or so, and half the time he was in full on, drunk Mr. Lahey in character. We did back and forth banter copying skits from the show. One of my favourites was “Propane, propane”. I got some pictures and autographs from him. He is a really nice guy. That was one of the best days at work ever.


        1. I have nothing but respect for those guys. My boss has had drinks after a hockey game with John-Paul. Said he was very cool…but he knows how to party!

          Propane, Propane…

          At work, I will walk into somebody’s office just going “Propane, Propane”…and they know exactly what I’m doing and start laughing. Usually saying, “Frig off, Lahey.”


  2. I loved the episode with Steve French and the dope fajitas. Come on guys! He’s just a big stoned kitty.
    Was this the season where Randy left Lahey and went back on the streets as “Smoky.” That was awesome.


    1. I think he went back on the streets as Smoky more than once. But this is definitely one of them. Hookin’ for burgers. Lahey shoots a blue jay with an arrow and makes him a dirty old blue jay burger. “Better than store bought!” says Lahey.


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