DVD REVIEW: Trailer Park Boys – The Complete Fifth Season

Part 4 in my series of Trailer Park Boys reviews, as we gear up for the debut of Seasons 8 & 9! 

Part one: Seasons 1 & 2
Part two: Season 3
Part three: Season 4
Supplimental: “Dear Santa Claus, Go Fuck Yourself”

TPB5_0001TRAILER PARK BOYS – The Complete Fifth Season (2005 Alliance Atlantis)

Just when they made enough money to buy the park and retire for life, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are in for some nasty surprises in Season 5. Yes, the boys are down on their luck a bit in season 5, but it is no less funny or well written than the rest of the series.

Corey and Trevor, as revealed at the end of Season 4, ripped off the boys. Freshly released from jail and expecting to be rich beyond dreams of avarice, Ricky’s none too happy about the double-cross.  Worse, it doesn’t take long for them to end up homeless. And if that wasn’t enough, Cyrus is back in town.  And he’s sitting on a lot of hash that is just too tempting to Julian.

New characters include Terry & Dennis or “the flappy bird brothers”, according to Bubbles, due to their, errr…birds hanging out of their bathrobes all the time. Terry & Dennis have teamed up with Cyrus, and now the boys have three foes to deal with. If that wasn’t enough, Lahey’s drunker than ever. This time he doesn’t want Ricky to go back to jail — he wants Ricky dead.

Like previous seasons, Season 5 is loaded with hilarious dialogue and absurd situations. The ever quotable Ricky has almost been topped by his dad, Ray, who plays a bigger role than ever. As Ray might say, “that’s the way she fucking goes, boys.” Which is pretty much the theme of this season. You win some, you lose some. The way she fuckiing goes.

“Holy fuck! A space suit! Dee-cent!”

My favourite moment is in the episode called “Jim Lahey Is A Fuckin’ Drunk And He Always Will Be”. In this one, Bubbles gets a toy rocket, and the boys try to cheer him up by playing “space”. Didn’t you place “space” when you were kids? I know you did! Maybe without the space weed, but still.

Clocking in at a generous 10 episodes (which is the most ever for a season of TPB…so far), Season 5 adds lots of new wrinkles. Some fans didn’t like the way season 5 went, and my response to that is that if you don’t change up the formula on a show like this, your show is doomed to jump the shark. Instead, Mike Clattenburg and Co. have chosen to make things less comfortable for the boys and see how things pan out. Funnier than ever, is how!

Five stars, as always. Not a dud episode in the bunch, and actually some of the series’ best.

5/5 stars


  1. One of the best parts of the show is when the camera zooms in on Bubbles. His facial expressions and his eyes are the best. And the Rickyisms are awesome as well.


    1. My blu-ray setup seems to have gone on the fritz today. DVDs are fine. But blu-rays are cutting in and out. I’ve replaced all my HDMI cables and tried different HDMI-in ports. The only thing I can think of is a) it’s my receiver and b) it’s my old blu-ray player. Hoping it’s b), so I can watching some more stuff!


      1. To exclude your receiver, I would try hooking up the blu-ray directly to the TV. If it has the same effect, I would obviously conclude it is not the receiver. You have already replaced your HDMIs, so can’t be that. The only thing then would be your player.

        Obviously I don’t know the make of your blu-ray player, but you may need to update its firmware. I know for one thing Sony players require a firmware update at least once a year. If you don’t update, your DVDs will play fine, but the blu-rays won’t.. This requires going to your manufacturer’s website, downloading the firmware update and burning a DVD of the firmware file. I would start with that.
        Let me know what you “turn up”.


        1. My TV isn’t even detecting my blu-ray player. But truthfully I’ve been itching to get a newer blu-ray for ages. So I’ll skip the firmware update and tell Grandma what her birthday money bought!

          I have need of a second blu-ray player so my current one now goes into the bedroom.


        2. Sounds like a great plan!
          For whatever reason, I found myself without a blu-ray player up in the living room. When the hubs built my computer, I demanded it have a blu-ray player, but turns out you also need blu-ray player software that didn’t come with the player, and that costs money. I now use VLC (which is free) with a mod that can play blu-ray. Not bad for free. The only thing is, it’s a bit iffy with the menus and extras depending on the blu-ray.
          You can get blu-ray players cheap these days, which is a bonus. Our first blu-ray player cost something like $350.


        3. Yeah mine too. But that was a while ago and I’m sure anything in Walmart over $100 is superior to my Panasonic. Thanks for the tip on the blu-ray software. I’ve never had one in a PC. What luxury!


        4. You’re welcome. It’s my first, and sort of a necessity. The hubs’ sis ended up with our blu-ray because the PS3 also has a blu-ray player. But the PS3 is living in another room now, so I needed a blu-ray where I game and watch movies – the living room. The computer is a desktop too, so it’s easier to swap out the DVD player than in a laptop.
          If you buy a laptop with the blu-ray pre-installed it should have the software included. My desktop computer was built from the ground up from parts bought at Tiger Direct, so the software isn’t often included with the parts. For example, I had to buy Windows to load onto it. That’s what you get with a homebrew com-pu-pu…


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