Part 314: The Musical Crimes of Mrs. LeBrain

Apologies in advance to my lovely wife.  She really is awesome for letting me do this.

RECORD STORE TALES Part 314: The Musical Crimes of Mrs. LeBrain

As we wind down the Record Store Tales, we get to the point that I met Jen in September 2005.  The funny thing about love is the rose-coloured glasses.  I don’t remember Jen having such bad taste in music.  However, the photographic proof is here.  She recently dug up her old Linkin Park CD wallet (!!!) , inside which are many dirty and scratched CDs.  Yes, Jen never took proper care of her discs either before we met, it’s true.  I can’t even identify some of the filth on her Marilyn Manson CD.  Could be coffee.

So here I am, a single Record Store Guy in the fall of ’05, meeting the love of his life…and these are the CDs in her collection.  Thankfully we shared a love of bands such as The Beatles and The Darkness too.  Even more thankfully, Jen doesn’t listen to Limp Bizkit anymore.  (I mean seriously, look at these!  She even owns the Limp Bizkit CD without Wes Borland!)

In her defense, I found no Nickelback. What I did find may upset you.



  1. Ouch! I guess someone will be sleeping on the couch for a few weeks, huh? ;)

    Anyway, a Nickelback CD would have been proof of good taste, you should be more worried about The Darkness… ;-)
    And Alanis Morrisette? C’mon her first two albums are both killers.
    The rest of them are better off as beer mats,
    Please let us know how much your wife kicked your ass for hanging her out to dry like this… :-D

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    1. I’m going to let her get her revenge on me by doing the same thing to me!

      I’m hoping you mean Alanis’ third and fourth CDs. Her first and second were nothing but pure dance-pop. But I don’t think they were ever sold in Sweden.


        1. Yeah probably. I remember when the album was released. We ordered in one copy, and I questioned the sense of even ordering that many. Alanis’ style of dance pop was out. I didn’t know she had changed styles. It took a month or two to take off. Then I was selling dozens a week.


    1. Kiss and Rush. She hates Kiss and Rush.

      I’m not sure if I won her over to anybody but she can tolerate Maiden, Priest, and Van Halen now. She can even identify Dave vs. Sammy.


      1. EvaOverload wasn’t even a fan of music much when we got together. She tends to like particular songs over artists. Peace Sells is a current fave. She always enjoys Richard Thompson stuff, KISS, Anathema and even doesn’t mind the kind of stuff she calls “Angry Babies.” I have to pick my moments to play that kind of stuff though.

        The two big no-nos are Rush and Metallica


        1. My fiancee loves music, but she’s not really a huge fan of any band except maybe for AC/DC. She likes a lot of different stuff, though and she always goes to Sweden Rock with me and loves to check out bands. She don’t have any embarrassing albums for me to show, though.
          She’s a singer with a fantastic voice and she was in a friend’s studio a couple of weeks ago and cut two songs, of which I wrote the lyrics for one of ’em. I’ll post in FB when they’re mixed and done.


        2. Awesome man. If that’s the case I’ll be honoured to listen! My Jen used to sing and play guitar but has switched to other creative ventures now, such as knitting!


        3. Yep, ask a lot of girls and they’ll say they hate RUSH. Haha, not me, but I’m an atypical broad. I first got into Megadeth when I first heard Train of Consequences. And Peace Sells? What’s not to like! :)


        4. I was way too old to be a part of that fan club…but my friend Mandy was a closeted fan. I used to tease her when I would find her sister’s cassette of NKOTB in the player. “Oh no, that’s Morgan’s!!” Yeah Yeah Sure Sure…


        5. There’s Rush again. Poor Geddy. I’ll tell you though, the couple times I went to see Rush, there WERE girls there. And a lot of them seemed to be there by choice.


        6. Whatever nerd stigma was there with Rush is slowly going away. Now that the nerds have grown up, they are exposing Rush to a younger generation. Witness American Dad, I Love You Man, and Fanboys among others in pop culture.


  2. Whoa, hope Jen’s got some Solarcaine for that burn…;)

    My husband’s “Musical Crimes of Ms. Sarca” would probably be even more scathing as he is a music SNOB. I actually have 5 of the CDs you’re showing right there and probably more that he cringes at (particularly the new wave stuff).

    By the same token, there might be artists that Jen does not like of yours. I’d be interested in that blogpost…


  3. Ha! I could do a similar post. Particularly with some of the concert my wife has seen (Rick Astley? Check.) Luckily, she has taken to a lot of my favourite bands and the old music only rears its ugly head once in a while.


  4. Hey Mike too bad it wasn’t 1975, you could have taken your wife to the Kiss/Rush tour back than when they toured together! Ha..I know u said she hates Rush/kiss….


  5. Mrs 80smetalman and I have a common love for Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Alice Cooper and I have always been a bit jealous that she has actually met Slade. After that our tastes diverge in totally opposite directions. She’s into dance/trance.


    1. Yikes, I dated one of those into dance and trance! Yeah. That didn’t work out. I remember her saying, “Why do you still like Iron Maiden? You know they’re never going to be popular again.”

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  6. Good on your lovely wife for letting you put that up there, but I gotta say – it could been A LOT worse. Yeah, Bizkit was shit but hey it was the 90s and we all fell for some sort of shit in that decade.

    My lovely wife and I approach music differently. I collect it, obsess over it, write about it online. She listens to it and says yay or nay but hardly ever buys a CD. When I met her, she had (maybe) 40 CDs. Her collection is still the same, pretty much – she hasn’t needed to buy anything because she has me as her DJ. It’s not that she doesn’t care (she does), she just isn’t wired to buy music all that often or, really, think about it like we do.

    She did introduce me to the music of Tom Waits, though, so she gets full marks for that.


    1. She’s getting me back buddy! Oh yeah. I can’t wait. Hopefully she can get it done before I ramp up into the ending saga, I’d really like to do this before that. But anyway, I caught her working on it the other night. And she found some doozies.


  7. WOW! That was Alanis Morrisette??!!! I never would have though!
    And what the hell! I still like The Downward Spiral and Vs. I’ve never listened to the Get Your Gunn single, but I did used to own the Lunchbox one from the same album.
    My “Musical Crimes” would be much longer… I don’t own it, but I love that Paula Abdul song “Straight Up.”


    1. I have two copies of Downward Spiral. It was more seeing them on the same page as Spice Girls. Just…wrong.

      I’m so jaded on Pearl Jam’s Vs. I used to have 5-6 copies in my bargain bin at all times. That album was sold back to us in epic quantities.

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      1. I remember liking Vs, but it has been quite a while since I listened to it.
        The new Pearl Jam is about the only album they’ve done since Ten that I’ve wanted to listen to more than once.


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