Part 316.5: 6 Happy Years

Happy Anniversary to my beautiful soul mate Jennifer.  Every day gets better and better, and you look younger and younger!  I don’t know how you do it.  Meanwhile I’ve turned into a grey-bearded old man with a bad back and lactose intolerance, and you still keep me around!  Must be love.  It’s the only possibly explanation why you live in a house full of Transformers, CDs, and records.

The last six years have been the happiest of my life.  Thank you for being the puzzle piece that was missing all that time.

Love you, sweetie. Here’s one of the songs we danced to six years ago, on the best day of my life.


  1. Aww! Congrats to you and Jen! Many wishes for good times ahead!

    (I had to laugh at your bad back and lactose intollerance! Tick those boxes over here!)


        1. Here’s where we get picky. I’m only looking for the new style Joe’s from the current 3 1/4″ series because you can pop off the heads. Therefore I can use “my” head on other figs to get new clothes.


  2. Wow! I haven’t heard this song in years. You’re such a jerk for sharing it! Happy Anniversary.
    “I believe in a thing called love, yo de lai yo de lai he hooo!”


    1. AWESOME! I had two thoughts about that — “I wonder if stephen1001 knows what anniversary a 6th is” (because you you told me 2 was cotton). The other thought was, “I hope it’s iron.” I swear to God.

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        1. Haha it’s OK Dude, I’m sure my name appears on these things somehow anyway. And with a last name like that, I ought to be saying more ‘ach’ and ‘aye’ and ‘oo-er missus,’ eh?


      1. I think the landmark Judas Priest record would make a fine Steel anniversary soundtrack!

        Incidentally, the letter “J” never appears on the periodic table of the elements, science!


        1. Haha I said the same thing to my lovely wife and she just rolled her eyes, like ‘here we go again…’

          I never noticed that ‘J’ thing. I wonder what’s up with THAT conspiracy. What’s so wrong with the letter J?


        2. It can’t be because they feared that at some point someone would get their PhD in chemistry, specializing in an element that began with that letter, and they’d have to call him Dr. J.

          Because that’s just a typical joke coming from me, not an actual scientific concern, surely?


        3. You could go back to SCHOOL, if you want to be in the SWIM of things, but I’ve heard that LINE before. The NET result of all of this, of course, is a REEL punny mess we CAUGHT but ought to just RELEASE. Remember you can tune a piano but you can’t TUNA fish. We all await your decision with BAITED breath


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