WTF Search Terms: More Dirty Things edition


WTF Search Terms XXII: More Dirty Things edition

I really don’t have much commentary this time.   These don’t require any commentary!  I continue to be amazed at the search terms that have led people here.


horny teddy bear movie


www black hughi tited women

of deking robin hud

max dubrow girl p tits 1962

tag: porno van

fugazi bad girls club

porno en youtube meiden

what comic book character puts poo poo on crackers?


For more WTF Search Terms, click here!  See ya next time on the weird side.

This was all I could think of.


  1. These are all majestic! Doorpiss? Handesex? Black Hughi Tited Women Sex? Poo poo on crackers?

    Oooo Dude, there’s a sweet idea: Go buy a set of magnetic poetry and tape words from all of these search terms over the real words and have yourself a party!

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