[Re-Post] Part 236: Thanksgiving 2005, featuring special guest Mrs. LeBrain!

My Grandmother reminded us of this story today. I thought I’d repost it for the new readers who missed it last year. Happy Thanksgiving!

RECORD STORE TALES Part 236:  Thanksgiving 2005

Miserable at the record store, and mere weeks away from giving my notice, I still somehow managed to swing Thanksgiving weekend off.  The family tradition back then was Thanksgiving at the cottage with my aunt and uncle, grandma and sister.  Complicating things for me this Thanksgiving was that I had started dating Jen, the future Mrs. LeBrain.  She was alone that weekend, because her parents were spending Thanksgiving in Ottawa.  I felt that she was somebody special, and I wanted to somehow have Thanksgiving with her, but also my family.  The only catch was that we’d been together less than a month, and she’d never met anybody from my family before.  Ever.

As this story is a bit of an indictment against myself, I’ll let her take it from here.

LeBrain told me that his parents and his sister would be staying in this peaceful cabin by the lake.  He didn’t tell me about anyone else.  It had been a long time since I met a suitor’s parents.  A sister too?  Well that was uncharted territory to say the least.

As we approached the cottage through the woods, my anxiety started to increase.  The car stopped and my heart began beating in my throat as I looked into the cottage’s big front window.

Mike’s mom and dad, sister, and her boyfriend were waiting at the window!  So were his aunt, uncle, grandmother, and the disapproving family dog!

After introductions, Mike walked me to his bedroom where I’d be staying while he was sleeping on the couch.  The door closed behind me, and what I saw on the wall was a vision to haunt me, and to one day tell our future grandchildren about.  It was a gun rack, made with actual deer parts, holding a gun.

“Maybe this online dating thing is a bad idea!”


Gun rack given to me by my Grandfather

It’s only a pellet gun.  Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!


  1. I was about to type ‘let alone many to necessitate an entire rack’ – when I clicked on your original post from last year. I was relieved to see ‘past-Geoff’ quoted the same thing, nice story Mrs. LeBrain, happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. I thought of you, and that, as I re-posted this!

      And let this post stand as proof that I defame my own character as much as anyone else’s around here! My own Grandmother scolded me AGAIN for this, 9 years after the fact.


  2. Man I remember this!! Haha that’s so awesome. And honestly, the rack holding the gun is one thing. But that stick… jeez, that could put out yer eye!

    I remember when I introduced my lovely wife to my extended family. I mean, my folks knew her (hell my Dad taught her grade 4) and it was small town area so we all knew each other, but my extended family? The ones we see once a year? Yeah. I warned her. And she did admirably well. Of course she did. She’s awesome.

    Also awesome: “… and the disapproving family dog!” Slice o’ brilliance.


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