REVIEW: KISS – Alive 35: Live at Credit Union Centre, Saskatoon SK, Nov 10 2009

ALIVE 35_0001KISS – Alive 35: Live at Credit Union Centre, Saskatoon SK, Nov 10 2009 (Concert Online)

I would buy any “instant live” type CD by Kiss — that’s a given. The sheer quantity available means I will never own a complete collection of them. What I chose to do was buy a handful, selectively. I was most interested in Canadian shows, and of course concerts where new songs from Sonic Boom were performed.

Kiss’ concert in Saskatoon on November 10 2009 fit the bill perfectly.* Something about Paul Stanley shouting, “SASKATOON!” The new songs performed that night were “Modern Day Delilah” and “Say Yeah”, both personal favourites. As a bonus to me, there’s also a version of “Shock Me” with Tommy Thayer singing. Some Kiss fans have taken exception to Tommy singing this song in addition to wearing Ace’s costume. I’m not going to get into that. All I will say on the matter is that I would rather hear “Shock Me” live than not.

ALIVE 35_0003The concert opens with four 1974 Kiss classics in a row: “Deuce”, “Strutter”, “Let Me Go Rock ‘N’ Roll” and “Hotter Than Hell”. “Let Me Go” seems to fall apart, giving the show a raucous flavour.  It doesn’t get any more retro than that.  That’s four of my favourite Kiss songs in a row; four songs I never tire of. Paul’s voice is sore, cracking in several places.  The job still gets done with the backing vocals of Eric Singer, Gene Simmons and Tommy Thayer. Eric definitely pulls a lot of weight vocally. As much as I wanted to hear new songs, “Say Yeah” suffers a bit vocally.

Highlight: Undoubtedly, a 16 minute version of “100,000 Years”. Eric Singer does his drum thing, and then Paul and Tommy both pick up their guitars and do a call-and-response jam, throwing in a few Zeppelin licks.  You don’t think of Kiss as the kind of band that executes 16 minute extended jams, but it works in a primitive, primordial way.

Paul Stanley’s stage raps are absolutely classic. Paul knows Canada. He knows that all he has to do is say “Montreal” and he gets the crowd going. Just before “Rock all Roll all Nite”, Paul informs the crowd that Shannon Tweed is in the house! The fellow Canadian is greeted warmly by the people of Saskatoon. However my favourite rap is this:

“There’s so much trouble in the world. If you came here tonight to hear some band tell you how to end global warming…if you came here tonight to hear some band tell you how to end world hunger…you are in the wrooong place tonight! I’ll tell you something, we all came here tonight to escape from the world! Tomorrow morning when we get up it’ll be just as screwed up as it is today. We might as well have a little fun! And you know if somebody says to you…’You outta be a little more socially conscious, you outta be doing what you can to help save the world.’ You say to them, ‘Listen to me. Tonight’s my night off and I wanna Rock and Roll all Nite and party every day!'”

Hard to argue with that, Paul!

4/5 stars

 *I still want a CD from a European show where they performed “I’m An Animal”, however.


  1. To be honest, I’m not that big on live records and especially with Kiss. Don’t get me wrong, I could listen to Alive, Alive II and Alive III to death and yes, even the Symphony live album. But Kiss setlist is really predictable these days and I really don’t see any reasaons to listen to all those songs over and over again.
    I also think that to play Shock Me without Ace is really unimaginative. I love the song, but if I want to hear Shock Me, I go see a Ace Frehley gig. Tommy has an awesome track on Sonic Boom, When lightning Strikes (best song on the album) so why not let him shine on that one instead? At Sweden Rock the played the first half of Shock Me and then went straight into Outta This World. Brilliant move and a highlight of the evening.
    Is this a bootleg or an official live album? How is the sound?

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    1. I count this as an official release. The sound is excellent, soundboard quality with all the flaws you expect from a real live performance. There are probably hundreds of these discs available but I have only bought 3 so far.

      Interesting about Shock Me/Outta This World. That is EXACTLY how it should be done!


  2. Saskatoon! Man, this was 4 years after we moved away from there. That quote at the end hurts my head. I mean, I get what he means, but he left off the next bit, where tomorrow we all go make the world a little better. Ah well. Glad you enjoyed this. Sounds like the music was excellent.


    1. Yeah, true — he could have ended it on that positive note. Wouldn’t have been too hard or un-rock and roll.

      But yeah it was a great disc, and I have three of these total. I’d be happy to add any to my collection. Plus you know it’s really LIVE since it’s released immediately at the conclusion of the show!


        1. Ha yeah, we weren’t even sure we were gonna see them that night! It was third show in the reunion tour and tensions in the band hit straight away. Could just as easily not happened at all.


  3. I have a few of these shows as well….there a pretty good representation of Kiss live and at least it’s live …good set lost as well…with ya on this on Mikey!


  4. Shannon Tweed is from Saskatoon. I’ve heard that’s why Saskatoon seems to get a show every time Kiss tours Canada. Also, I’m on my phone and I tried to post this comment but I accidentally and briefly made it a blog post.

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