REVIEW: White Lion – The Best Of (1992)

WHITE LION – The Best Of (1992 Atlantic)

I’m going to keep it short and sweet this time, and defer to a 1992 review by M.E.A.T Magazine’s Drew Masters (issue 38, Nov. 92):


He’s right.  I don’t agree with the single M rating though; these are mostly good tunes.  They’re sequenced awkwardly as fuck though.  The flow on this disc is just completely fucked.  The songs don’t work in the sequence they’re in.  And Drew is correct in inferring that many of White Lion’s prouder, heavier moments are missing.   Vito smokes on the live tracks, but Tramp can’t hit the notes.  Buy Pride, not this.

2/5 stars


      1. Ah well. Presumably they split for other reasons too though? It’s only really Lomenzo that has had any bearing on my listening since. In Pride & Glory and then Megadeth. I think the White Lion drummer was almost in Pride & Glory, is that right? Or an early version when they were called Lynyrd Skynhead or something daft like that.

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        1. Yup I believe that’s right. Both may have played on Zakk’s first solo track “Farm Fiddlin'”. I’ll have to check the credits.

          But both LoMenzo and D’Angelo left before the band split. They had Jimmy DeGrasso on drums at the end. They have a rule about drummers having similar sounding last names.


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