#330: A Journey of Journaling (RSTs MkII: Getting More Tale)



#330: A Journey of Journaling 

Just because I left my old job at the Record Store didn’t mean I stopped journaling. It did slow down, but it’s interesting to review them today, having just completed the Record Store Tales. It’s fascinating to me how positive they are (in general) compared to the ones only 18 months prior. It’s also interesting how even over a year after leaving that place, certain people continued to terrify me. Even though the person I’ll call “the office bully” had no power over me anymore, I was still in the grips in fear at the mere thought. I’m seeing journal entries about this person haunting my thoughts over a year after my last encounter, and I’m reading words like “terror”. I didn’t realize how I’d been affected by the whole thing.  I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.  It took years for me to really put it all together, and I’m still doing that.

My journals after the store are pretty bland by comparison to the ones before. There are still some pretty funny ones, such as a review of the movie Transformers (2007) that is so stupidly positive that there is no way I will post it here, not even for comedic value! I would simply lose all credibility, so forget it.  I remember dragging Jen out to see that stupid thing.

Of the journals I’ve re-discovered, one in particular jumped out at me as a great one to post first.

I won’t share the whole thing in its entirety as it includes a private email, but the first paragraph is pretty cool.  I had made a video on Youtube back then regarding the passing of Mark St. John.  I don’t have the video anymore, but it was pretty heartfelt and apparently others must have got that out of the video as well.  This journal preserved an email that I received from a cousin of Mark:

Date: 2007/04/07 05:17

I just got the most amazing email in regards to my youtube video (below) [now gone] about Mark St. John of Kiss:

“Thank you so much for your tribute to Mark. He was my cousin. Mom called to tell me the bad news. She said Aunt Terry said to look him up online to see all the posts etc. on different sites. It was really cool of you to make your RIP video. [content edited] Thanks again for what you said….he will be greatly missed.”

Stuff like that video, I just threw it together. It was a first take with no edits. But apparently it really touched Mark’s cousin.  This was yet another stepping stone in my realization that I should be online, talking about music.  I think that was a good decision.



  1. I journaled from the time I was 12 to shortly after I got married. I should look back at them and see if there’s any funny ones and post the ones that are benign and wouldn’t hurt anyone.


  2. That’s a nice story – I was talking to someone at work the other day about the unknown power of things people write.
    There’s a bunch of people that comment on your posts/videos Mike but I’ll bet there are many more that are enjoying them quietly.
    And with the Transformers review – that reminds me of listening to old mixtapes. Some songs, oh yeah I still listen to that, others, what was I thinking?!

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    1. Thankfully I have almost none of my old mix tapes. I tended to erase them and start over.

      I’m certain there are people who are enjoying them quietly, and thanks. I’ll be touching on that in a couple weeks. I have written an article about various subjects such as the WordPress community that exists here, and the mutual support that brings. So look for that.

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  3. Very nice. Sounds like good karma to me.
    Relating to Mark St. John, have you ever heard the White Tiger album? It seems like one to get.
    Thank you for posting the video of Heavens On Fire and not Is Everybody Happy by David Hasselhoff.


  4. I vote to see the Transformers review. If you include a clip, I would love to see one with the original Bumblebee included. It reminds me of my Camaro.

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    1. I have that toy. I can do that.

      But dude, seriously: if I post that review, nobody would have any reason to take me seriously again!

      Though I do have an idea for posting it. That MAY work…


      1. How about a then vs. now review. Watch the movie again and review it in 2014 and compare notes.
        It reminds me of watching old 60’s and 70’s TV shows that I used to think were awesome. When I watch shows such as Gilligans Island, Hogan’s Heroes, Starsky and Hutch, Dukes of Hazzard, Magnum P.I., and The A Team now I can hardly stand watching them since they are so cheesy. All of them would have been a 10/10 then, but most would be a 1 or 2 now.

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        1. I was thinking maybe I could rebut my own 2007 review. That could be funny!

          Too bad about those 80s shows. I’ve been re-watching Star Trek: TNG. Wow. So cheesy.


    1. Unfortunately I have lost a huge chunk of mine. Presumably gone forever, drat. Too bad, there would have been some hilarious tales in there.

      But I keep finding more stuff from other eras, which I shall be rolling out, as some is pretty funny.


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