WTF? AC/DC’s Phil Rudd charged with “attempting to procure a murder”

This is just too weird for the “nice guys of rock”, AC/DC.  It’s way too early for me to comment.  This may explain, however, why Phil was absent from AC/DC’s new lineup band photo.

Some quotes from the article:

“The veteran rocker apparently tried to have two men killed.”

“He was also charged with possession of meth and cannabis.”

“He faces up to 10 years in prison.”

Rudd is currently out on bail, with a hearing on November 27.  The new AC/DC album Rock Or Bust is out on November 28.

Read More: AC/DC’s Phil Rudd Charged With ‘Attempting to Procure a Murder’



  1. I would have liked to have been a Fly on the Wall when Phil Rudd told his band mates that he could not go on tour with them because he was about to be arrested for hiring a hitman.
    But I would like it much more to be the Manager for Simon Wright and Chris Slade.

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  2. The hitman was apparently hired to take out Phil’s next door neighbour Howard. Apparently Howard would not get his fuckin’ jumbo jet off Phil’s airport.

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        1. Sure am, I love playing the drums. I don’t have a kit right now but I am working on my lovely wife to let me get one so I can teach the kids!

          Sure, we’ll trade off mid-gig. The Bald Head Brothers, on drums!

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        1. Hmmmm…

          I could play drums with Stabby McStabbypants…


          I could go play drums with one of the greatest rock bands ever, a band hewn from the primordial bluesy ooze that makes heavy rock so great…

          Oh god, it’s just too hard to choose!


  3. It’s Shoot to Thrill, Phil. Not kill. Sounds like some one got him by the balls and Phil has gone shootin. Gotta have some big balls to do something like this. Hopefully he has a good lawyer or he’s going to be shot down in flames for the next tour. If he does go down for murder hopefully he can just be a fly on the wall and wont be a whole lot of Rosie for some ballreaker.
    But hey, Money talks right?


        1. One of the guys at work said that very thing. I was trying to tell him, “No, this is serious, this guy is out on bail right now. He was in court this morning with no fucking shoes on.”


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