#343: Tyler and LeBrain episode 3 – The French Invasion


#343: Tyler and LeBrain episode 3 – The French Invasion

Please welcome Sebastien to Getting More Tale. Seb is a Sausagefester who also happens to play drums, produce, and own a recording studio. Today we discuss the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, and modern music.



  1. The Star Wars trailer did nothing for me. I believe I have ranted about that in these pages already.

    When I first heard Ram Jam’s Black Betty, I was surprised they were covering the song that’s best known by Leadbelly though it’s not even his! Does that make me a music geek? Or just a guy who grew up listening to the oldies forst? Which brings me to…

    Haha you guys sound like a buncha retired old guys on a porch in Miami, complaining about “the state of music today! WHAT’S WRONG WITH THOSE WHIPPERSNAPPERS!” Why does the new music capture the kids when the good old stuff was just fine for us? Haha just like parents who hated on Elvis and the Beatles and…

    Calisse! Esti! Tabarnak!*

    * my spelling not guaranteed accurate. Maybe calisse is chalis and tabarnak is taberacle? I dunno. Anyway, I love swearing in French. Still do it today, and I left Quebec 13 years ago.


    1. I know dude, listening back, I’m getting myself worked up just like I did in Taranna in 2012! “Japanese imports are very very expensive!” Hahaha. People tell me they enjoy that stuff though so here I am again.

      You’d be amazed how much info people have gleaned from that Star Wars trailer. I’m particularly interested in the discussions about that new lightsaber. There’s one theory I like quite a lot.


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