REVIEW: Fight – “Christmas Ride” (1994 single)

1db1835968cbc23429860145ff5 (1)FIGHT“Christmas Ride” (1994 single, 2009 free download reissue)

Some people think Halford III: Winter Songs was Rob’s first Christmas release.  Truth be told, I don’t even own Winter Songs.  Christmas music is barely just above tolerable for me.  The completist in me wants to own everything; the music lover in me doesn’t really care for Christmas tunes, metal or otherwise.  Besides, in 2009 Rob’s website was offering a limited time free download of “Christmas Ride”, a song Rob recorded in 1994 with Fight!  20 years ago!  Unreal.

Don’t let the jingle bells throw you.  That soon turns into revving engines, and a chugging Fight riff not too dissimilar from the stuff they did on War of Words.  This was, however, probably recorded during the Small Deadly Space sessions, because Mark Chaussee is credited on guitar, even though Russ Parrish appears on the cover.

Either way, it’s purely metal.  Rob is screaming in his upper register for all but the choruses, for which he howls.  There’s absolutely nothing Christmas-y about the music (which is fine) but I just can’t get into the chorus of “Christmas ride!”  The lyrics are funny enough.  Fight have paid tribute to Santa this time: “The fat man’s coming and he knows no fear, He’s a big red rebel with some mean reindeer.”  There’s even a reference to breakin’ the law: “Cruising ’round town breaking every law, He’ll come back next year to crank it up some more.”

I’m assuming Rob is referring to the crime of break & enter.  He may also be breaking various aviation laws, but I don’t know how that works.  I’ve never read about any charges being pressed, or warrants being issued, so I’m assuming that these minor infringements have been overlooked because of all the gift giving and so on.

But OK, it’s an alright song.  Nothing special, though it does quote the “Nailed to the Gun” riff at one moment.  It was released as a promo-only fanclub release in 1994, which I have never laid eyes upon.  The free download offer was a legal way for me to get the tune.  It also came with “Rob Halford’s Holiday Greeting” (11 seconds)! “Hey everybody, this is Rob Halford from Fight, wishing you all a crazy heavy metal Christmas and an insane, wild manic New Year!”  There I spoiled it for you.

Would love a physical copy of this, for the collection.  This is for fans only.  Grandma will not dig it if you play this at your Christmas dinner this year.

3/5 stars





  1. I dunno Mikey..the first contemporary artist I ever heard at a young age was Springsteen with that live version of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town..for me that one can’t be beat…..even after all these years!

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        1. Yup but don’t worry I have more Christmas reviews coming. I’m trying get some done and out of the way. Much like our friend Aaron I want to document everything I own, and now’s the time to do some of the Christmas releases. So far I haven’t done anything with Santa Claus is Coming to Town on it, but I may get there!


  2. For those in the know, you’ll recall I hate Christmas music. And I don’t use the word ‘hate’ lightly – I understand that word’s power. For those who are wondering at my vehemence, just know I have my reasons – it’ll probably be (if it hasn’t already been) a post on the KMA closer to the big day. That a metal band rips out a metal tune with reindeer lyrics is half OK. Take a gues which I figure they should lose post-haste.

    Still, good on ya Mike for posting this.

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    1. Good on you for reading, dude! I wouldn’t own stuff like this if it wasn’t put out by bands I like.

      Hopefully you’ll like some of the releases I have lined up for review. One nice thing about Marillion Christmas albums, generally, is that they usually only have one Christmas song and the rest is rare live.


  3. Can’t believe you spoiled the Christmas greeting for me! That’s it I’m telling the family it’s over – Christmas isn’t happening this year.


  4. Never knew about this one. I do like instrumental and heavy Xmas tunes. Merry Axemas and Winter Songs…some of Hoeys stuff.


    1. I was debating whether I was going to review Merry Axemas this year, but I don’t think it will make the cut. I have a lot of Christmas reviews in the pipe but I tried to focus on some lesser known items this year.


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