#347.5: Days of Christmas Past

Xmas paper

#347.5: Days of Christmas Past

Aaron emailed me a couple days ago.

12/18/2014 – Title “la poste”
Hey! You get anything interesting in the mail? ;)

Then, yesterday a text:

12/19/2014 – Aaron *******
Dude you get any mail YET?!

I think I can surmise a Aaron may have sent me another annual Christmas gift? A parcel did arrive yesterday, that I have to pick up at the post office. Is it my long overdue eBay order? Or is it my new Star Wars figs from Big Bad Toy Store? Or is it the Mystery Aaron Mail (M.A.M.).

I’ll let you know later on, as I plan on posting Christmas galleries this season, as I did last year. For now, I will leave you with this awesome video from 2012, probably the best Mystery Aaron Mail (M.A.M.) that I have yet received!


What could it be at the post office?

I’m on Christmas holidays now! Give’r!



    1. Heh heh heh :)

      And look…you prime site back then was whatownsme!

      Yeah I truly had no idea this was coming. I figured, “oh that’s nice, probably a CD from my Amazon list,” But nope. It was a Holy Grail! A big one too.


      1. I loved it!

        I wanted to make sure this video didn’t fall into the abyss of things lost and never seen again, just because of the sheer quantity of stuff here. So now it’s in a GMT story forever.


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