#348: More Journals — SAUSAGEFEST 2007 Reportings


#348: More Journals — SAUSAGEFEST 2007 Reportings

If you’ve been reading along, then you know I kept a journal back in the Record Store days, from which Record Store Tales was partially culled.  The journals didn’t end there, and I’m still sifting through them looking for gold.  This entry might not be gold per se, but there may be some nuggets.  There are also some good rock n’ roll memories!  This was my second ever Sausagefest.  And it sounds like it was interesting at least.

Date: 2007/07/09 17:25
Title: SAUSAGEFEST 2007 Reportings

“What happens in the valley, stays in the valley”, but here are some Sausagefest memories for the record books. It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times….


  1. Helix made the list. Twice! At #100 was “Wish I Could Be There” and smokin it up at #13 was “Billy Oxygen”! Scott and I air-guitared like mental.
  2. “Zero The Hero”, my all time favourite Sabbath track from my all time favourite Sabbath album made it.
  3. More Maiden and Lizzy than I could shake a sausage at.
  4. Mmmm, lamb.
  5. Swimming.
  6. “Mandarin Dumpshoot”.


  1. It is my own fault. Jen asked me to open up the tent she loaned me and to practice putting it together. I, however, did not. I said, “There will be like 20 guys there. We’ll figure it out.” However, you can’t assemble a tent without the tent posts, and those I was lacking. Sure, I could blame Jen, but it’s my own fault for not checking. So I slept in my car. Second year in a row. It wasn’t so bad until the morning when I was crippled by a wicked leg cramp.
  2. No portapotty. I took a shit in the river. I had little choice.
  3. On the Saturday, I ate too much sausage (maybe a little undercooked, that last one), and vomited all over a scarecrow.

It was an amazing rock n’ roll party and I can’t wait for 2008. Since I’m getting married in August of ’08, this will be my BACHELORSAUSAGEFEST!

But that, dear friends, is another story.


  1. shit in a river…fuckin Hahahaha! That’s awesome man! And to top it off u puked all over Mellancamps Scrarecrow!!!? Mikey that’s not the worst …that’s GOLD!
    Thanks Man U made my night!

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    1. Bwahahaha glad you enjoyed! I know this is kind of the opposite of seasonal content but it’s been so cold and wet lately that I needed some summer memories!

      Yeah I’ll never forget. I was sleeping in my car, but some of the boys were still partying. Tom saw me coming out of the car and staggering. He’s like, “Mikey are you OK?” I said, “I’m about to puke, can you grab a bottle of water from my trunk?” I let loose and we had a laugh about it after.

      The puke spot was gone in the morning, I think Tyler’s dog Zep must have eaten it!

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        1. Well, it was probably one of those phrases that made the rounds around the fire that for whatever reason was hilarious at that moment in time. I do remember one year the phrase was “Seeping Fart Syndrome,” and I can remember thinking it was so funny at the time.


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