#351: Three Concerts in One Week


#351: Three Concerts in One Week

I love digging through old journals. I don’t get out to concerts very often anymore, but these journals bring back memories of an awesome week featuring three different concert experiences. Dig it! Some interesting autobiographical facts:

1) These journals record the date that I met Brent Doerner of Helix, thus beginning a long buddy-ship (December 1 2006).
2) I noticed that there was something in here about the flu shot. I got sick immediately afterwards. I was feeling it during the Jim Cuddy concert and got full-blown flu right after. Never had the flu shot since.



Date: 2006/11/29 06:13

Tonight we have second row seats to see BRENT BUTT! (Corner Gas) I’m sure it will be awesome and I’ll be sure to write about it later.

Then Friday is Helix…

Then Sunday is Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo).

Talk about an awesome week.

Date: 2006/11/30 06:55

Brent Butt was awesome, hilarious, 90 minutes of pure Canadian humour. True stuff, like, “In America, there’s no corresponding word for ‘touque’. I could understand it if they had their own word for it. Like, ‘oh, that’s what we call a nurn!’ But no, they say, ‘hey you got one of them wool knit winter cap things!’ If we said that in Canada, our brains would freeze by the time we could get out the door. ‘Honey, could you get my wool knit winter cap thing?’ zoink, you’re frozen.” So true.

There was an opening act by the name of Jamie Hutchison, guy from the Maritimes. Equally hilarious!



Date: 2006/12/01 06:14

Tonight Helix! We’ll be giving them an R around 11 o’clock at Molly Bloom’s. Helix are one of the best shows I’ve seen, and this will be my fourth or fifth time seeing them. Hopefully they’ll play their new single “Fill Your Head With Rock” which is garnering some record company interest….

Flu shot today too. Ugh.

Date: 2006/12/02 00:39

Helix were AWESOME! Right when we walked in the door, there was Brian Vollmer. He saw my vintage-style Helix shirt, walked up and said “hi”. He was so cool. He said, “I just have to go make the rounds and say hi to everybody here, but thanks for coming and have a good time tonight!”

So we wandered around, saw a couple old friends (The Infamous Taylor Brothers) and lo and behold…there was Bruce Arnold (original Helix drummer 1974-76)! A glance around the room revealed the Doerner brothers and Keith Zurbrigg as well! There were five current Helix guys on stage and four ex-Helix in the audience! I introduced myself to Brent and told him how much I liked his new CD.

Track list, to the best of our memories:

  1. No Rest For The Wicked
  2. Get Up
  3. Baby Likes To Ride
  4. Running Wild In The 21st Century
  5. Heavy Metal Love
  6. Boomerang Lover
  7. Dirty Dog
  8. You Keep Me Rocking
  9. Make Me Do Anything You Want
  10. Deep Cuts The Knife
  11. Wild In The Streets
  12. Kids Are All Shakin’
  13. Animal House
  14. I Believe In Rock And Roll
  15. Does A Fool Ever Learn (dedicated to some schmuck at EMI (“Every Mistake Imaginable)
  16. Rock You

I know I’m missing a couple in there, but it was a totally awesome hits night. Right now my ears are ringing and I’m buzzing!


Date: 2006/12/04 06:19

The Cuddy show was awesome, thus ending my three-concert-week. It was a three hour show. The opening band were a part of the whole show as Jim brought various members back out to augment his own songs. He played two songs from his first record, most of the second record, and about six Blue Rodeo songs. He threw in a Neil Young cover, bassist Bazil Donovan sang one of his own, and they also performed one by the opening band!

So terrific show, there were even two Blue Rodeo guys in his backing band. However the real star of his band was violinist Anne Lindsay. She was on fire!


  1. Wow that’s quite a week! Brent Butt’s awesome, we just saw the CG movie at Christmas. And of course you knew Helix would r-o-c-k (whatcha got?). Cool you got to say hi. Molly Bloom’s is where we saw Big Rude Jake back in the fall and, same thing, he just came around and say hi thanks for coming! Must be something in the air there. Jim Cuddy would be cool to see. That voice…

    I think my best week would have been going to see two shows at Exhibition Stadium in the summer of 1994. The first Saturday, we were there to see the Leroy Jones Quintet open for Harry Connick, Jr. on his funk tour (and I got to meet him!), then the following Saturday we were back at the Ex to see Stone Temple Pilots open for the Rolling Stones!

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    1. Brent Butt is one of the best comedy shows I’ve seen. The guy I wouldn’t pay to see again is Russell Peters. I also wouldn’t go see Trailer Park Boys again, it’s just stuff from their show and specials.

      Harry Connick Jr! Nice!


      1. I saw about 5 minutes of Peters and shut it off. Shame the TPB just recycle, but I suppose the audiences enjoy hearing what they already know. I mean, that’s what bands do when they tour – play the songs, right? Sure.

        Yup, I met Harry surrounded by sexy lingerie. That could be a cool KMA story…


        1. Damn right it would be.

          Peters used to be funny when he was starting out…now it’s just the same old accents and stuff. TPB, they do what they do and they do it well. I have no problem with it. It seems to be very popular especially overseas and in the US. People go nuts to see those guys on their turf!


  2. Cool post but I can top that. In November 1986, I saw three concerts in four days in London. The first night I saw a Swedish band called Skagerjack at the Marquee, had a day off, then saw Possessed, Voi Vod and The English Dogs at the Electric Ballroom and on the final day, I saw Bon Jovi and Queensryche at the Hammersmith Odeon. A great four days!

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      1. It worked well that night. No there were no injuries that night, the injuries occurred the previous night at The Electric Ballroom. I remember one guy doing a stage dive during Possessed and the crowd parted. He ended up smacking his head on the floor. Fortunately, except for a little blood, it wasn’t serious.

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  3. We call them toboggans, like the sled. Of course, you might freeze to death before getting those 3 syllables out. Took(sic) is a much better word for them.

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    1. Helix wrote that song because the previous year, Kim Mitchell wrote a special song for Sweden Rock called Fill Your Head With Rock. Helix went to Sweden the following year and also wrote a song called Fill Your Head With Rock, for Sweden Rock…but nobody picked up the torch after them!

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