REVIEW: Savatage – Hall of the Mountain King (1987)

HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING_0001SAVATAGE – Hall of the Mountain King (1987, 2002 Steamhammer remaster)

Man, I just love Hall Of The Mountain King! Who can forget that classic video…the little elf running through the mountain trying to steal the King’s gold! Any time in the past that I have thrown an “80’s metal video” party, that one was the star of the night.

Elf or no elf, the album is solid front to back.  Savatage have many different styles, from thrash to ballads to progressive metal, and have housed three different singers over the course of their long but too brief career! Hall Of The Mountain King falls into the first era with original lead howler Jon Oliva, and captures them at their most “metal”.  Which isn’t to say that other influences aren’t audible.  Progressive rock was definitely starting to creep in.  You can tell by the rendition of Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King” (here listed as “Prelude to Madness”).  When metal bands start playing classical pieces, you know that rock operas aren’t far behind (and they weren’t: four of them, to be exact).

One important factor that separates Hall from earlier and later ‘Tage albums is the riffage of Criss Oliva (RIP.) By this time, working with producer Paul O’Neill, the writing was becoming very focused and the riffs and melodies very sharp. I don’t think the riffs had ever been honed to an edge like this on Savatage albums before.  They are just crushing.  Criss of course passed away in the early 90’s, and his riffs were never to be heard again. This, in my humble metal heart, is the absolute best of Savatage’s early metallic phase.

There are no bad songs on this album, though “Prelude To Madness” runs a little long and is a tad too synth-heavy. But since it segues right into the title track, we’ll forgive Savatage.

The metal on this album begins with a groove called “24 Hours Ago”.  Jarring riffs, great bass lick and patented Oliva screams — what an opener. Just rips your head off!  “Beyond the Doors of the Dark” is where the album really begins, in my opinion. This is just an awesome, heavy rocker with a riff of carbon steel as only Savatage could forge. One of their all-time best songs.  Joining it is “Legions”, another Sava-classic.  Again, it’s dark and riffy, with great lyrics and melodies from Jon. Definitely makes my desert island.  Closing side one is a bit of a surprising song: “Strange Wings”.  This one is more hard rock, but it’s certainly great. The late Ray Gillen (ex-Black Sabbath & Badlands singer) duets here, and raises the bar up another notch. His vocal soars. Both singers kill it.  Manager Paul O’Neill, who also produced the first Badlands album, was was managing both that band and Savatage!

“Hall of the Mountain King” is the song most people know Savatage for.  Its riff will drill its way into your head, and that is a promise.  I fell hard for this band, and it all started with this one song.  You might want to skip that long intro, unless you’re dying to hear Grieg played by a metal band (and even if you do, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow also covered the same Grieg piece on Strangers in Us All).

HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING_0004Tempo slides back a notch on “The Price You Pay”, this one’s a little more Dokken. Yet with another great Criss riff, and more great vocal melodies from Jon, it’s not filler.  “White Witch” isn’t either, but it’s the weak link.  This is thrash metal like old-school ‘Tage. Reminds me of “Skull Session” or songs of that ilk…fast Savatage with Jon screaming his face off.  Then finally “Last Dawn” is a Priest-like instrumental intro to “Devastation”. The riff to “Devastation” is awesome. Chris was at the top of his game, riff wise, in 1987.  What a way to end the record. So memorable, and classic ‘Tage.

Special shout-outs go to bassist Johnny Lee Middleton and drummer Steve “Dr. Killdrums” Wacholz for some damn fine metal performances. And, of course, producer/manager/co-writer/arranger Paul O’Neill. He changed the band forever, and Hall Of The Mountain King was just the beginning.

The 2002 Steamhammer version contains two live bonus tracks.  From Cleveland in ’87 come “Hall of the Mountain King” and “Devastation”.   While the vintage recordings aren’t as beefy as the album itself, they are a very nice add on.  “Are you metal?” asks Jon.  Yes, yes we are!

Don’t miss this classic. If you enjoyed it, pick up Power Of The Night and Sirens.

4.5/5 stars


  1. Because it was longer, I read that title and thought “Mike’s reviewing Grieg? RIGHT ON!” And then I saw Savatage, another band about which I am a total noob, and it wasn’t a let-down. Your review gave the goods, as always. Now I know that little bit more about this band. Well done, sir.

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  2. Great album! I think personally I was more of a fan of the Gutter Ballet album and one of my favorite songs/ballads I still consistently listen to today is When The Crowds Are Gone. Of course, Hall Of The Mountain King was the song that introduced me to Savatage awesomeness!
    Although I find myself listening more to my parents roots rock/rockabilly/country western along with the punk rock genre of music which my brother first introduced my to as a child these days, I always find myself at any given time searching for the old metal songs and headbangers ball songs/videos which I loved through my jr high-high school years! When I want something to relax or think today even I often throw on some classical tunes from Y.Malmsteen in my player!

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    1. Once a headbanger, always a headbanger! I think Joe Perry said that ;)

      When the Crowds are Gone is such an incredible tune. I reviewed Gutter Ballet a while ago, but I have to give Mountain King the edge.

      When I do finally review Streets, I will have to give it 5/5.


  3. My Sava-journey started with Gutter Ballet. That album and everything they released after it are all awesome albums, especially the masterpiece Streets.
    I think this album is ok, but it doesn’t really rock my world. But I think I might have to dig it up again and give it another shot after reading your review, though.
    I also have both Sirens and Power Of The Night, but none of them really hits home with me. Not bad, they just are.


    1. Well dude, I know you like a lot of music similar to me, so I hope if you give them another shot you like them a bit more. Of course early Savatage is later Savatage is really like talking about 2 different bands.

      I really love later Sava and Streets will always be a special album to me!


      1. I’m listening to Dead Winter Dead now and man, what a brilliant album it is. But by this album they had started to transfer into Trans Siberian Orchestra, a thing that started a little already on its predecessor, the brilliant Handful Of Rain.


  4. Living in Tampa, I saw them live several times and they always put on a hell of a show. I remember whenever they would release a new album, they would throw on a huge show at the Ritz Theater in Ybor City and it always kicked ass.

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      1. Yes I did, I even saw them when they were Avatar, and they had one song on a local rock radio station, 95 YNF that I used to have. When original bassist Keith Kollins was fired, he formed Keith Kollins Krunch, perhaps the worst name in metal history. Keith Kollins and our local rock press predicated his career would go far, but Keith Kollins project failed, I did see one local show and it was….errrr…OK. On the other hand Savatage were treated like conquering heroes, but in the mid-90’s even here in the Tampa Bay area, due to the death of Criss and the area’s obsession with death metal, grunge exploding over here, they sometimes struggled to see the large clubs they sold out with no issues in the past.


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