#391: Nicknames II

A sequel to Part 230: Nicknames.

#391: Nicknames II

Every workplace has its nicknames. At my current job one of my nicknames is “Ernie” (as in Bert & Ernie, another guy is Bert). Another one is “Hermey” due to a perceived resemblance to one of Santa’s elves in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  My most well known nickname is of course LeBrain, which originated on the radio.  I solved one of Craig Fee’s 4 O’clock 4-Play on Dave FM in record time.  Craig said, “Check out the brain on Mike Ladano! Mike ‘LeBrain’!”  The name stuck.

Here is a second selection of favourite nicknames from the Record Store days and beyond!

  • Goggles Pizano – Taken from an episode of The Flintstones, this name was given to the store owner when he got some new glasses.
  • Lynie-Lynie-Boing-Boing – A term of endearment I used for one of our store managers named Lyne.
  • Seven – A nickname given to me by Jen’s best friend Lara. There’s a whole story about this one, a painful story!*
  • Time Traveler – This odd fellow ordered some CDs, and left a business phone number to contact him at during the days. When called, he always answered “Time travel.” I don’t know what that business was, we never asked, so we just called him “Time Traveler”!
  • Scottish Man – A Scottish man who sold CDs.
  • Cow Man – A name given to Wiseman, by Joe Big Nose (another nickname!) due to his sideburns which apparently gave him a cow-like appearance.
  • Snake Face/Cobra Commander – Similar to above. A nickname given to a staff member because apparently his hair gave him a cobra-like cowl.
  • LeCock – I was dubbed with this name by a frustrated Dave FM listener who failed to guess a 4-O’clock 4-Play!  Burn!

LECOCK *Saving this for its own installment.


  1. Nice post. It’s funny how nicknames evolve. I do have one strict rule: no nicknaming yourself. My mom’s (thankfully ex) boyfriend was always insisting people call hime Oggie and it was a real spotlight on his loserdom, which didn’t need any highlighting, if you know what I mean.

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    1. Hah, yes!

      This reminds me of Big Bang Theory when Howard was trying to give himself the name “Rocket Man”. But it backfired and he ended up with the name “Frootloops”!


  2. I never had a nickname until my step-dad entered the picture. I always wanted one, but my mom named us kids names you could not shorten into another name. At any rate, my husband calls me a nickname all the time. If he calls me by my real name, I assume he is upset with me.

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