CO-REVIEW: Finntroll – “Häxbrygd” (2013 music video)

CO-REVIEW!  I am joined today by contributor THUSSY who introduced me to these crazy trolls from Finland.

FINNTROLL – “Häxbrygd” (2013 Century Media music video)

Thussy:  I’m an engineer and whenever I’m working from home I always need something to keep the wandering part of my mind busy so I can concentrate on whatever machine or structure I’m designing. What always works for me is listening to music and my choice (even though LeBrain can’t stand some of it) is hard rock and heavy metal. LeBrain apparently doesn’t like the heavy metal with as he puts it “cookie monster lyrics”. Now I will fully admit I am no expert on heavy metal. All my knowledge comes from SiriusXM Octane, but I always say it helps me work faster.

On this day, I was working away listening to some of my current favourite metal bands. I started with some In This Moment then moved onto Butcher Babies, Slipknot and then Avatar. A few songs into the Avatar set, Youtube switched to a different band.  As soon as they started singing I realized it wasn’t in English, so I looked at the video only to find the most awesome Finnish metal band that wears troll ears and has an accordion player in the band. This band is of course Finntroll and the song was “Häxbrygd”. I immediately sent a link to LeBrain for him to check out, and he wanted me to introduce him reviewing the video so I’ll pass this on to him.


LeBrain:  He sent me this video, and a few cryptic bits of info such as, “For some reason they’re beating the crap out of a car.”  Cool.

I had never heard of Finntroll before.  Wikipedia tells me that they play elements of Black metal and Folk metal. Apparently they sing in Swedish and wear rubber troll ears that look and move very Yoda-like, while banging their head to menacing heavy metal. First of all, the Swedish: it doesn’t matter since you can’t understand the words. Second of all, the troll ears: brilliant!

My favourite member of the band is the creepy baby looking guy on accordion. Check that guy out. He absolutely rules, like a troll-baby version of Udo Dirkschneider. Runner up is the fat bare-chested devil drummer.

I don’t understand the words, but from the video, I think the song is about a bunch of troll guys who cut the roof of a car and then paint it up real nice, and then the devil guy hotwires it but the baby guy gets to drive.  In a Rob Zombie-esque ending, the troll guys all go for a psychedelic ride together in their newly customized automobile.  To where?  I don’t know!  I have no idea what the fuck this is about!

But the song is unexpectedly cool! To write this review I listened it song at least 20 times, and I like it.  That horn hook is incredibly catchy! “Häxbrygd” is like a more metallic version of Mr. Bungle. I have had “Häxbrygd” in my head all week.  I’m also appreciating the vocals more than I thought I would.  Instead of delivering melodic hooks, the vocal does it rhythmically.  Maybe I’m getting the gist of these “cookie monster” vocals after all.

Thussy and I easily came to agreement on a rating for this video.  Not only is the band and video hilarious, but the song is absolutely killer.

5/5 stars (score agreed by both)



  1. Haha what. This is crazy and I like it. I suppose the Swedish wouldn’t be a problem if, you know, we spoke Swedish… The horn part reminds me of Voodoo Glow Skulls… I also love how what the drums in the songs are doing has absolutely nothing to do with what the drummer in the video is doing… This is the kind of thing I would have heard on one of those metal magazine comp CDs. I like it!


    1. Yeah Voodoo Glow Skulls, totally. And agreed on the drums thing, that is just great when I see stuff like that!

      I like it too. I wonder what an album of this would be like, without the funny visuals.


  2. I’m not sure if this is quite my thing, but these guys just look too awesome. It’s like they’ve turned the bonkersness dial up a few notches past ‘caution’. Marvellous!


    1. Bonkersness dial’s cranked up to 10, J. They broke the knob off they cranked it so hard!

      But I think everyone needs troll ear albums in their collection. That’s what got me first, the troll ears.

      But look at the baby guy — he only has one troll ear. Looks like there is a bloody rag where the other ear used to be!


  3. This is one of the most awesome bands I’ve heard all year. I usually read the post and listen to the band and think ‘eh, they’re all right,’ but these guys are already on my Amazon wishlist. Thanks!


  4. Are you guys pulling my chain?
    This band is a joke – a bad one.
    I’ve been laughing at them for years and years now.
    I have no clue why they’re singing in Swedish for as they are from Finland and our languages aren’t related one itsy bit. But then again, half of Finland speaks Swedish as we used to own that country.
    Btw, they suck.
    I’d give this one fart / 10!
    The chainsaw has returned… :-D

    Liked by 1 person

      1. To be honest, it’s hard to ear exactly what they’re singing about as they sing in what we Swedes call Finishswedish, which is Swedish with a big – no huge – Finish accent. On top of that, they’re growling.
        But the the title of the song mean Witch Brew or something close to that.
        If I have to pick one, I would take Lordi over this bunch.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Well there you go, I learned something everyday. Finishswedish — I can only imagine how that must sound to your ears!

          One day I will make it to your beautiful country.


        2. And when you do, try June and visit Sweden Rock Festival. I’m not a big festival guy but I love that festival and has visited it every year since 2003.
          With your taste in music, you’d love it.
          But if you ever have the urge to visit, you’ll have a place to stay for sure, dude. :-)

          Liked by 1 person

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