#416: A Day Off



I’m taking today off from blogging.  It’s my birthday!  So I’ll be opening stuff like this, while you are hopefully enjoying a nice day off, too.

I deserve a day off!  I’ve been posting here almost daily for three and a half years!  I’ve accumulated almost 1600 posts in that time, so I’m sure you won’t hold it against me.

In the meantime, you can check out the past birthday related posts.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more rock!

Thank you Aaron for the gift…whatever it may be…well, it could be a bomb but it’s not ticking!  I will be sure to update you all with photos of whatever musical treasures await me today.





        1. I think they hauled him in the back room and gave him the rubber glove treatment. They didn’t like his reponse when they asked”Do you have any weapons to declare?” , and he replied “Just the one between my legs.”

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  1. Hey Happy Birthday old man! Listen, if that parcel stopped ticking, open with extreme caution. I don’t know what’ll happen now… Hahaha! Nah, no bombs (probably). Just some little stuff I found to mark the day.

    Man, Scotty looks like he was on a bit of a bender last night. Better give him the day off, too.

    Happy Happy!

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    1. Duuuuude! I don’t want to publicly discuss the contents of this box, but we did document it photographically so hopefully there will be some great pics to share!

      I will say I’m happy. Very grateful. Just the one album alone – (double live) has me very excited. The comic is really cool too. I love it.


        1. Jen’s got the photos on her camera, but I’m not keen on them. I look like a pale white douchebag. I may re-take the pics, in order to maintain my image as such a cool guy. LOL


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