#428: Seven Years Ago Today…


#428: Seven Years Ago Today…

Happy Anniversary to the lovely Mrs. LeBrain, who is still putting up with my shit today!

For seven whole years now, she’s been trying to convince me that I’m a snorer. I kept telling her, “Video, or it didn’t happen.” Even though she told me I can shake the windows, I refused to believe.

Until today.

Sausagefester Sebastien Xavier Meunier has provided the video proof above, recorded this year at Sausagefest 2015. That is my tent. And that, apparently, is my snore.

I love you Mrs. LeBrain. I won’t ever doubt you again.  Today, you win!



      1. Is that a Thing? Do other people do that at their weddings too? Or was it just something you did for yours? I’ve never heard of the Stick Of Reason. I can see it being useful, but application would probably get one arrested…

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        1. It happens. My buddy Chris had three in his wedding party he wished they ditched. Gets hard once the dresses have been bought, but sometimes you don’t know what people are like until they play the Diva card at a wedding.

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        2. It’s funny to us now. The ones bridesmaid was insisting we had to have caesar salad. Don’t know why.

          But Jen has a friend named Gordie who is a little mischievous! He liked to stir the pot…a very funny guy. We were sitting together with the Bridesmaid from Hell, when Gordie suddenly said, “Yeah, yeah. That was a great wedding. Great dinner too. The only thing that could have made it better would have been a caesar salad instead of regular.”

          Then the boyfriend of the bridesmaid started complaining. “I know, we even gave them the recipe for how to make it without fish…” I was just dying inside trying to hold in the laughs…Gordie was winding them up.


        3. He has a good name, too. He wrote me an email after the wedding and said, “Even though we just met, I think Jen picked a good guy.” I thought that was real kind of him!


        1. Haha that IS pretty bad. But I can go you one better: a site that purports to be about music, and generally is, but every single review could be boiled down to one word: WAHOO! Talk about f-ing lazy. Especially when they start posting once a week and thinking people will care. Losers!

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  1. Let’s just say we had one bridesmaid that was a problem. And the Maid of Honour was in charge of the bridesmaids…that is where the Stick of Reason might have been required. Thankfully it did not have to be used…

    It was just a part of the Maid of Honour’s getup really. She loves that stick! But she would have used it if she had to. We were talking about kicking out a bridesmaid as late as that day! She was a nightmare….

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  2. Our bridesmaid from hell tried to change the SALAD we served. It didn’t really matter that the BRIDE was allergic to the dressing. People would enjoy the day a LOT more if a Caesar salad was on the menu.

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    1. Well, looking back on people who were there, and people who shouldn’t have been there, we could have changed things but why live with regrets. I’m not going to let regrets get in the way of awesome memories!


      1. That’s absolutely the correct approach.

        My lovely wife and I are pretty low stress people, and we tried very hard to make our wedding day as low stress as possible. And still there were times where it could’ve gone south. Fortunately, we had enough folks there to stomp on that bs before it really got started, and the afternoon turned out just fine. We did everything low-key, though, only had about 50 people there in total, including us!

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        1. We had about double that, and people had flown all the way from Texas, and Alberta (aka Canadian Texas). But really there was only one person who caused any stress…and the Maid of Honour did her job and kept her in line. Everyone else was super supportive and had a great time!

          …Except the Bridesmaid from Hell. She left early with a snooty GOODBYE!


        2. We got it on tape too. It was when we were all dancing to Sweet Caroline. She walked up to me, tapped me on the shoulder and shouted GOODBYE. It was hilarious.


        3. Funny looking back now, where people from the wedding parties are and what they’re doing now (and if we’re even still in touch). The tough part of all our moving around in this country is that we have friends all over the place, and sometimes things fall out of touch. Ah well, that’s the way it goes, I guess.

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        4. True! We have a few people we’re not in contact with anymore, but by and large our live have been tremendously enriched by the new people we met.

          With email and whatnot Jen’s closer than ever to her Texas family and that’s great!


    2. Oy vey. That’s really petty stuff. Weddings bring out the wird in people, though. Sometimes it’s jealousy, sometimes it’s fear, sometimes it’s just plain old weirdness. I would chalk salad issues up to plain old weirdness. It’s your friend’s wedding day. Who gives a shite about the salad? Just be happy for the couple getting married and keep your baggage to yourself for an afternoon, there, Sparky! Some people, I swear.


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