Star Wars: The Force Awakens – New TV spot

“I have lived long enough to see the same eyes in different people…I see your eyes…I know your eyes…”



Even more new footage and dialogue! Does this confirm that Rey is a Skywalker? The teasing for this thing has been brilliant.

The Force Awakens comes out December 18.


    1. I’m not sure I get the joke! There have been lots of Organa Solo kids in the books?

      But even so Leia is a Skywalker…and that makes her kids the grandchildren of Vader.

      But I’m not convinced. “I know all about waiting…for my family. Leia doesn’t seem like a baby abandoner!


      1. I just meant Organ Solo. Like, take it away, Jon Lord! Haha it’s OK, maybe that one was a stretch…

        Knowing the Star Wars universe, it wouldn’t be that Leia abandoned her kid, it’d somehow be circumstances that caused them to be separated.

        Anyway, that’s just one guess.

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  1. I’m trying not to think about who’s who and what’s what. So far so good. The trailers have been good at keeping things under wraps and I like that. I hate knowing too much going in!

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    1. You are like my sister Sean, where I tend to be sucked into spoilers. But my sister and I both commented that they have been MUCH better at keeping things under wraps this time.

      Do you remember buying the soundtrack for Episode I before the movie came out? And there was a track called “Qui Gon’s Noble End”? SPOILER! Jesus that was dumb of them.


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