Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Japanese trailer

“I know all about waiting…for my family.”

First of all, JJ lied!  He said there were no more trailers coming.  Well, here is a new one from Japan, with tons of new footage and plenty of Rey dialogue we haven’t heard before.  Who are her parents?  Find out December 18.


        1. 3D does give me a brain-ache, sometimes. It did with Man of Steel, I had to just stop watching sometimes. Star Wars is only partly going to be in 3D so I will probably have no issues.

          I’m surprised 3D is still such a big deal. 2D works better unless it’s Avatar or something like that.


    1. You gotta get up early to scoop this boy! The only guy who hears stuff before me is Craig Fee and he doesn’t care about Star Wars so this was all me ;)

      I follow and I follow the Making Star Wars Rebel Grrrl podcast (which is awesome). If something Star Wars happens, I will know it within the hour. This is what happens when you’re obsessed!


  1. I should’ve watched that trailer before I wrote that previous comment! It says in that trailer that it hits theaters all over Japan on December 18th at 6:30PM. I was sure that I heard it was the 14th.
    Anyways, looks good!

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