GUEST REVIEW: The Raven Age (opening for Iron Maiden at the ACC Toronto, April 3 2016)

This guest review hit my inbox courtesy of Zach “I Like Iron Maiden” Britton.  He is possibly (and quite probably) the only Iron Maiden fan in the world who has had a song written and recorded about his love for the band.  Last night he went to see them again.

Opening act The Raven Age features Steve Harris’ son George on guitar.

THE RAVEN AGE – ACC Toronto, April 3 2016  (opening for Iron Maiden)
by Zach Britton “the Lamb Lord”

Five guys dressed like Criss Angel bring you the Twilight soundtrack.

I was not impressed.  I’m not kidding about the Twilight soundtrack bit.  Though certainly more metal, it spoke to me of the angst of a teen vampire boy courting a human girl.  And all their stuff sounded the same to me.  I’m no musicologianist*…but I know what I like.**  And it wasn’t eight metally tunes about pubescent vampires.


?/5 stars

*Zach knows this is not a word.

**He likes Iron Maiden.

“The Maiden Song” – dedicated to Zach Britton


      1. haha yeah those, yeah sure. I do three or four riffs and one-take record them in less than 20 minutes. Totally on par! haha not even close. Raven Age was alright, you know. They are a bit emo, it’s true, not really my bag. But some people down front seemed to enjoy them!


    1. Compared to other comments I’ve read about the Raven Age, this was NICE.

      “Steaming pile of shit… with the odd heavy moment… Can’t have a metal band with no member with long hair…” – Tom

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      1. About a year ago I wrote the lyrics to a song called “Edward the Great” (no prizes for guessing the subject). I might polish it up sometime


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